Human or dancer?

I’ve just finished studying for my Swedish test and right now I’m just chilling in the sofa watching series and writing down corrections from today’s ballet class and rehearsals.

I keep thinking I should delete my blog as I’ve literally no time whatsoever to post but I also keep getting (positive) comments and questions about it. There are actually people who read it on a daily basis and I kind of don’t want to let them down, if that makes sense. Also I really do like to write so I figured, why not just keep it and post whenever I feel like it? Sooo here we go;

What’s happened since I last wrote a blogpost? Well, for starters it’s a whole new year for those of you who haven’t realised ;). I’ve honestly been so busy these past weeks that I can’t even remember the days properly. The very first week wasn’t too intense, the teachers kept in mind that we had been off for quite awhile. Now, as the winter holidays are approaching we are definitely in the middle of everything: tests, homework, rehearsals, etc etc- all adding up to long days and loads of hard work. My body is absolutely dead by the end of the day.

The girls in my class and the guys from all of the gymnasium are currently working on a pas de deux choreographed by a former principal of the Royal ballet: Antony Dowson. I really like it and it’s so much fun to rehearse. He will later on choose four or maybe even six couples to perform this at our annual spring performances (coming up this June).

Also, I am so happy to finally be done with all my applications for summer schools. I’ll most likely be traveling a lot this summer (not only dance related) which I am really looking forward to!!

It is only 10 more days until I fly to Delhi and my family. I miss them so so so much and I honestly cannot wait to get to the sun and warmth- I’m sick of this depressing, grey & cold Sweden. I’ll be home for a little more than a week before going back to Stockholm. Then it’s actually only 3 weeks until I take off again, India it is. The day after I arrive me and the rest of the family will be traveling to the Maldives as that will be the end of their spring break. I am so excited for all of this and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to travel as much as I do/ will do.

I really need to start preparing another pair of pointe shoes so I guess I’ll end the blogpost here. I am very well aware that I keep telling you guys that my updates will get better but as you may have noticed, I am pretty bad a keeping my promises…

Wishing you all a good night/ morning, take care!! ❤️


Belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts, these past months. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how busy I’ve been with school, not to mention dance; ballet, rehearsals etc etc. A lot of you have been asking me on Instagram and email what happened to my blog and/or if I’ve stopped blogging… The truth is, I just haven’t had any time (unfortunately) to even think about the blog! As 2018 is approaching I’m now (almost) done with all of my work from school and I have decided to start blogging again.

The outcome is quite a (very) messy and very long post where I kind of just wanted to write freely to conclude and sum up what I’ve been doing since the fall break and my last blogpost… enjoy!

Looking back at this term I can surely say that it’s been months of hard work, is it too cringe to say blood, sweat and tears?


My holidays started the 21st of December and we wont have school until the 8th of January. Right before the break, we had all of our four annual Christmas performances. As I’ve briefly mentioned before, I performed the solo Dying Swan from Swan Lake. My dancing was accompanied by not only a pianist but also someone playing the cello which made the music truly mesmerising! Me and my eight classmates performed a dance from Onegin. It was a pretty tough one, very detailed with rather revealing costumes, but I think we did pretty good.


Being on stage, feeling the audience’s presence and their excitement when you dance is honestly just the best feeling ever. I definitely enjoyed every second of being on stage, especially as I haven’t been performing like this for too long. I feel very fortunate getting the chance to perform a solo and I think (know*) I’ve developed a lot during this process. It is one thing to know the steps and being in the music but a completely different thing to actually learn how to dance it so that it will affect the audience, the people watching your dance.

chickens <33!!


It was a blast performing Onegin with my fellow chickens (!)- as seen in the photos our costumes were not really the typical “Onegin” style but instead a yellow leotard and a very tiny skirt, had us looking just like chickens. However, we had so much fun and I couldn’t be happier to have shared the stage with them. I already miss performing…. Being on stage makes me appreciate the fact that I’m actually able to dance, even more. I can’t believe you can get paid for this, not to mention having it as your profession. It takes hard work and dedication, loads and loads of pain (always and everywhere) but in the end of the day it always comes down to one thing: simply, the love for dance.

I am still having a hard time believing that I am actually back to dance, although we’re already halfway done with this school year. I’m currently in the process of figuring out where I want to go this summer, which summer school(s).

For those who have asked what summer schools I want to do this summer, I was thinking Paris- as it will give me a great chance to practice my French and since we don’t have a very long break, 2 weeks of summer school would be perfect. You have to send an audition video though and the deadline is in a few weeks, I might not manage to have a good video ready by then… as we don’t start school until the 8th of January and there is no chance I’ll be able to fix it before that. Stressss!!
There are no news that summer schools tend to be very expensive but I’ll try to apply for scholarships to decrease the costs a bit. This is obviously not decided yet and I’m very indecisive, but I’ll keep you updated!

yumiko loveeee ❤

I am absolutely determined to become a dancer but I am also very aware that finding a job is tough, being that there are so many good dancers, many of them much younger than I am. The competition is huge. Instagram is a constant (stressful) reminder of that. I will be 19 years old when I graduate, which I find very annoying (& old hehe) but unfortunately I can’t do anything about it but to work harder everyday. So little time, but so much to work on… My main struggle is definitely not being strong enough and of course- pirouettes. To be fair, this has actually become much much better but I’ve still got a loong way to go. Friendly reminder note to self: you’ll never be “perfect”, “done” or in any way close- it is a lifelong learning process.

Lastly, I hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas. Make sure to enjoy the last bit of 2017, make the most out of it! Also, don’t forget to take care of your loved ones. Everyone deserves to hear how important they are every now and then.


Take care, xo

India: October/November 2017

Home is not a place. It’s a feeling…



Pumpkin spice and everything nice


Good morning guys and happy Friday 13th…! 

It is officially fall: autumn leaves, lattes, apples, cozy candles, fuzzy socks, netflix and chill. Although my family lives on the other side of earth with 35 degrees and the sun shining bright, I am happy to live at a place where there are Octobers. The month of fall, isn’t it? 

I am so sorry for my absence these past few weeks. I’ve been super busy with school and I also started working on Sundays (serving breakfast at the very nice hotel Kung Carl in Stockholm, 6am-12). LOADS of things have happened since I last wrote a blogpost and I felt that having some time off, not thinking about anything blog related, has been much needed in order to keep up with my busy schedule.

So… where do I start? As always, early mornings and late nights are what my weeks consist off. 7 days out of 7. We had our classical exam this Tuesday and I can’t even tell you what a relief it is to be done with it. We did the barre on pointe, center in flats and after allegro we continued with pointe shoe exercises. I am actually happy with how it turned out and I think I had a good class. On Monday we’ll only do barre and then watch the exam class as it was recorded. I’m scared…


The Christmas performances are getting closer and closer and I will be performing two things. One group dance from Onegin and also the solo of the dying Swan, which is really exciting. Now, as the exam is over I can put all my focus on these two dances.

Fall break is slowly but surely approaching and I can’t believe it is only TWO MORE WEEKS until I (finally) leave for Delhi. I can’t wait to be reunited with my family and friends, not to mention the heat, again- after too many months away.  ❤ ❤ ❤ Missing my family so much!

On Wednesday we were watching a contemporary performance at the Opera and yesterday night was spent listening to the Stravinsky Petrushka festival concert, at Konserthuset in Stockholm. It was mandatory for the whole upper school as we will be working with this piece during music theory. I have to say that it actually wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be, I quite enjoyed it but was also very relieved when it finally finished, 2 hours later. Wilma and I spent the rest of the evening/ night having dinner at Espresso House.

There is a teachers’ conference for all teachers at school today, meaning we have the day off (say whatttt?). I really needed a day off, my body hurts so much from all the hard work, we’re all exhausted and at least 90% of the girls are injured. Today I’ve been reading and studying. I also made a super yummy brunch (scramble egg with the indian masala spice, bacons, avocado, banana cinnamon pancakes and strawberries). Yum!

I’ll soon go out for a walk and I also need to prepare a pair of pointe shoes and finish some essays.

I hope you’re all enjoying fall, wherever you are. Keep working hard! ❤ 

4 from this week

4 healthy AND yummy snacks

Good morning guys!

Today I thought I’d start off the day by sharing some of my all time favourite snack. All healthy, quick and easy to make not to mention absolutely delicious!

First off will be these cinnamon bun pancakes. All you need is

• 2 dl of oats

• 1 dl of Greek yogurt

• 1 banana

• 1 egg

• Splash of almond milk (regular works absolutely fine as well)

• Cinnamon

Mix the ingredients and fry in a frying pan. As for the sauce, melt some coconut butter using the microwave, add a handful of cinnamon powder and a little bit of honey. DONE!

Next up are these yummy kale chips. Rinse the kale and cut it into smaller piece, leave out the harder middle part. They will shrink a bit in the oven but not too much. Put them on a baking plate over a piece of baking sheet. Add some oil and massage into the kale, sprinkle with salt and put in the oven on 175 Celsius degrees for about 10-15 minutes, depending on your oven. Keep an eye on them while their in there to make sure they don’t get too burnt but perfect crispy.

Then we have the sweet potato fries. Spread the sweet potato on a baking sheet, cut into the size you’d like your fries to be. Season with a bit of oil and salt. It is also very tasty to add some chili, pepper or even cheese. Bake in the oven on 220 Celsius degrees for about 20 Minutes. They should be tender and golden brown. Enjoy!

Lastly, we have a delicious bowl of Greek yoghurt topped with fresh raspberries, blueberries, 1/2 a banana as well as some nuts and chia seeds, sprinkled with a bit of honey.

Easy? Yes! Yummy? Yes! Healthy? Yes!

Let me know if you try any of the recipes above. I promise, you won’t get disappointed.


Take care

Do it with passion. Or not at all.



Happy Friday y’all!!

I am absolutely exhausted from this week of hard hard hard work. All day. Everyday. I’m not complaining though, getting to do what I love 24/7 makes me truly happy.

We finish around 6pm pretty much everyday. Apart from the daily morning ballet class for 2 hours we do pointe class, variation class & rehearsals, pas de deux, improvisation and modern/contemporary. In addition to that we have Swedish, English, social studies, music, mental training and a class called dansträning where we’re currently learning about injury prevention.

I have loads of fun collaborations going on, with MDM dancewear, La Movenza, Ballet papier & a few more brands, which is very fun. Oh and by the way, I just hit 15 THOUSAND followers on Instagram. How crazy is that?

Such a busy schedule leaves me with very little time to blog, let alone have any free time- except for Sundays. Anyway, that is the reason for the lack of blogposts lately. I’ve been thinking about narrowing down the times I blog to only 2 or 3 times a week, but better written posts and at least one with tips&tricks a week. Sounds good? I think yes!

Hope you all have had a great week and will have an even better weekend.

Loads of love! ❤