Health boost: top tip SMOOTHIES

Don’t we all just LOVE smoothies? And the healthier, the better- right?

This one was made of 1 banana, some ginger, spinach, raspberries, 1 tbsp of chia seeds and 1dl of water plus some lime juice- topped with mango and macadamia nut granola. Nothing but a health boost; magnesium, calcium, loads of vitamins to only name a few.

Take care xoxo

(finally) back to ballet (school)


Heyy guys!

It’s been awhile….

I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in what feels like forever, but I assume you can guess why the blog hasn’t been my top priority lately….

Well, I am finally back to full time ballet, at the Royal Swedish ballet school. Being back honestly feels so good. Today I had three hours of ballet, 2 hours of class and an hour en pointe. We also had english & anatomy but the very last class, contemporary, was cancelled. I haven’t been that sore except for my calves which were dead after the first class. Probably from all the feet exercises, jumps and relevΓ©s we were doing.

Here are some photos we took the other day, after accidentally meeting the famous swedish rapper Stor.

This week has been pretty chill, as we only followed the schedule until lunch and then did activities with everyone in high school. Today was a full day though.

I will finish at 6 pretty much everyday, the days are long but nothing to complain about. We have ballet class and repertoire everyday, depending on the day we also do contemporary/improvisation, pas de deux, anatomy, mental health classes and some academics. I can’t believe how happy I am to be back in the studio, being away from practicing this many hours a day really made me realise how much I truly LOVE to dance.

Tonight will be my last evening with mom until fall break. She’ll fly back to Delhi tomorrow. We’ve had a really really cozy week together ❀

Our Saturday practice doesn’t start until 9th of September which means we have some free weekends coming up. This Sunday, me and Wilma will be having a photoshoot with a photographer. I am so excited and cannot wait to take some cool photos. I’ve loads of ideas!


Monday morning feels

Good morning guys!!
It is not even 8am here but I've already been up for some hours, thanks to jet lag…

Yesterday's flight back to Sweden went without any problems, seven hours on the plane went by pretty quick as I spent most of the time reading and watching movies.

I've just finished my breakfast, avocado is lifeee, right? This is my very last day of summer break and I couldn't be happier to go back to school tomorrow. Believe it or not, but I am so excited for the upcoming early mornings, late evenings, spent in the studio- working hard & hardly working…

Today I am meeting up with my friend Wilma, whom I haven't seen for AGES, we'll make brunch before going into town and buy the dance clothes we'll need for school. So exciting! Mom and I will also try to find a cute sofa in the afternoon, as it's the only missing furniture and some kitchen essentials. I'll probably squeeze in some workout as well.

I am in LOVE with the apartment, I literally cannot be happier to call this my home.

Take care!! 💖💖

Good food? Good life!

Good evening guys!!Β 

It is almost half past seven here in Delhi and we just came home from a really nice dinner at a Korean Restaurant, very near where we live. The food was amazing and you could even order real meat- which is rather rare here.

This is my last evening in Delhi for the upcoming 3 months, the rest of the family is not happy I am leaving and they wish I was staying. I obviously want to live with my family but although I truly love and miss them already, I really do look forward to move to Stockholm and continue with my dance & full time training. To dance not only all day, but every day.

I started off this day by some working out, continued with an hour of physio and then struggled with packing for the rest of the day. Yesterday mom and I got our nails done, both manicure & pedicure at ManiPedi spa. The day before that was spent by the pool, and the other day we visited Khan Market. In other words, I’ve had a really good 10 days here in Delhi, with family and friends. Tonight I will party one last time with my friends, which I’m sure will be loads of fun.

Take care!! <3<3Β 




New in: Armani, Juicy Couture & Forever New

Hey guys!!

The first day of school for my siblings has officially finished and they're very happy to be back on track: reunions with friends, new students starting, scheduling play dates & what seems to be the most exciting thing of them all: my two youngest siblings have had their first language classes. Tuva is doing french and filip chose to learn Spanish. Exciting!

Today was a successful SHOPPING day!! As I was sick during the night and didn't feel very well in the morning I had to cancel my physio session… Delhi belly is no fun.

I was feeling much better after some hours of rest in bed, watching House of Cards, so mom and I head to Ambience Mall. We had a really cozy lunch together before doing some shopping.

I found such a nice purse from Armani with 40% discount, I also bought really nice – simple, black and elegant sun glasses from Juicy couture. Lastly I got a pair of slip ons from Geox and a top from Forever New. Successful shopping, wasn't it?

I hope you're all well,