Questions and answers #1 

The rain is falling down along the windows and the threes are moving, side to side, by the wind outside, it makes me cold only looking at it,- which isn’t the typical summer weather I would like to have. Therefor, I’m taking some time to answer your questions from Instagram and snapchat (@ moaoaoaoa). I will do it in two, maybe even in three, different posts, because of the big amount of questions you’ve sent to me.

When did you realise dance is your thing? I’ve been told I really have the body for being a ballerina, many times before, but it wasn’t until a few years ago, that I could see the results coming, by working hard in every class. It was around this time I realised I want to be a ballerina and I’ve worked hard, every day, since then.

How much work does it take to become a good dancer like you? How many hours a day do you stretch? I guess hard work beats talent, if talent doesn’t work hard (fave quote) and hard work can get you far! I can’t really tell how much I stretch every day. Let’s say it’s a normal day with ballet class and everything, then I do around an hour warmup, including at least 15-20 minutes stretching to get my muscles going. I do this only to maintain my flexibility and to get warm. If you want to get more flexible I recommend you to take,  minimum, 30 minutes from your day, everyday and you’ll see results in a few weeks.

What is your favourite part of the ballet class like barre, allegro, pirouettes, repertoire etc and what is your favourite barre exercise? In ballet class, my favourite part is to do the barre and there I like plié, adagio and fondu.

What do you generally eat to perform at your best? Do you follow any diet? What is your diet like? I don’t follow any diet and I’ve never done so either. I eat whatever I like, whenever I like it. To perform at your best, it’s important to never skip a meal and to try to eat healthy, not in the meaning of removing all the sugar from your life, but to cut down on the fast food.

How much time do you dance in a day? At the Royal Swedish ballet school, we danced around 5 hours a day, sometimes less and sometimes more. In Zurich we will dance 40 hours a week, it is more than at my former school, which I’m really looking forward to!

When your finding life extra hard what do you do to stay motivated? I usually talk to my friends, my mom or little sister. It always helps me to set up goals and to think about how great it will feel when reaching them. It can be either getting the highest grade, being able to do more pirouettes, lifting your leg higher etc. I find books very inspiring and motivating, reading is a great way if you want to unconnect from the dance world, for a while.

How many siblings do you have? I have three younger siblings, which makes us four children in the family. We also have a dog and a cat.

What is your favourite ballet? Actually I don’t know… I would say I pretty much like every ballet, more or less.

What is your favourite turnout exercises? I will write a whole post about this later- when I’m able to point my foot more so I can upload photos together with explanations.

Do you have any role models within the dance, people you look up to? Yes I do! Without a doubt, Svetlana Zahkarova inspires me a lot, but also dancers such as Natalia Osipova and Sylvie Guillem. 

What variations are you currently working on? Right now I’m on summer break, which means I’m not working on any variations for the moment. This past year I’ve been doing le corsaire, bluebird, sleeping beauty act 3, Pharao’s daughter etc.

Which of the performances are you the most proud of? This is a pretty hard question. Last year’s spring performance was very fun. We did “pas d’action” (la Bayadere) and I did quite much in that piece, which was super fun. It was also very nice to be selected to participate in the Nutcracker, together with the company at the opera, during Christmas times.

Are you planning on continuing ballet as a job in the future? YES! Maybe not for my whole life, but I definitely want to work as a ballet dancer for some years.

Thanks so everyone who sent me questions! A part 2 & 3 will come in the nearest future.



Today’s work and surgery update

Today I finished my second day at my job I have this summer. I am working as a swimming teacher and I will do it for two weeks. I have 5 groups every day, three in the morning and two in the evening. It is very intense and you have to keep an eye on each and every child, all the time. I like it very much though, I love to work with children and it’s very entertaining and fun. Swimming has been a big passion of mine ever since I learned to swim, I practice and do it every summer. I also did it outside school when I was younger, choosing the dance made it non possible to continue, due to the lack of free time, but at least I have the summers to do it.

My foot already feels better. My abilities to move it, and the movement in the foot, is increasing every day. I have less pain, the blueness around the scar is fading away rather rapidly. So far, so good, I guess! I am allowed to let go of one of the crutches tomorrow. Looking forward till next week when I will not only be able to walk without the crutches but by then I am also allowed to swim, haven’t done it for weeks!

Tomorrow I will get a hair cut, to take away my split ends. Fresh hair is always appreciated.

Good night!

Dealing with dance and school

Dance classes. Homework. Rehearsals. Math. Perfomances. Science. Repertoire. English. Pointe.

Sometimes dealing with both dance and school can be pretty tuff. I think every dancer can relate to that. When you are trying to study for that huge math exam, while sewing pointe shoes for tomorrow’s rehearsal, at the same time thinking about the new exercises from today’s ballet class and stressfully writing down some answers to the french homework can be pretty hard, and we’ve all been there. School takes a lot of place in my life. So does ballet. Here are my best tips and tricks to deal with such a huge passion like dance, all while trying my best to get straight A’s in school.

In my former dance school, the Royal Swedish Ballet school, we combined all the curricular subjects, such as english, math, social science etc, together with the dance subjects, all into one building and one place. In other words; I got everything I needed during the school day there. Because of that, we always had quite long days, finishing around five and six, half past six at the latest. Coming home to homework and the need to study for upcoming exams around eight, can be a hard cookie.

My best tip is to always, no matter what, be structured. I love to use calendars. In those I write down all my homework, tests, exams and dance things- when we have late rehearsals or performances etc. Doing this helps me see how much I have to do in a week. Try to go through your calendar every Sunday evening to see what your upcoming week will look like. Personally, I prefer studying two weeks before an exam or a test. If you start to read and learn a little everyday, you won’t have to memorize all the 100 pages of history the day before the test. I also try to finish my homework, if possible, the day we get them. Do you have a long lunch break? Do it then! Take 10 minutes with your homework at lunch or directly when you come home and you will have less things to do later on. Another great tip, to do, is to take notes, when in school. This is very basic and everyone says it, but guess what? It truly works. Taking notes makes you listen better, you learn easier and it will be less harder to study for the test, once it’s time for it since, basically, all you have to do is to read through all your notes.

To not make this post too long I will finish it here. I have loads of things to write about, regarding this, but there are plenty of time to do it in another post. I hope this gave you some inspiration for studying meanwhile doing dance, or any other sport that takes a lot of time.

Good luck & have a great day!



Summer love

Swimming. Sunbathing. Sleeping. Dancing. Eating. Late nights. Free time. Netflix. Ice cream.     You name it. A beloved child has many names. I am in love with summer. It is, without doubt, my favorite time of the year.

Summer is definitely the season for eating strawberries, at least in Sweden. I personally prefer to eat them all natural, with no sugar or whipped cream. My sisters and brother, on the other hand, love to have them together with some sugar. A great way to spice the whole thing up a bit, is to add some grated lime- which makes it lime sugar. Super delicious! Totally worth trying out.

Surgery update


Today I am exactly one week post surgery! Honestly I think everything feels pretty great. Me and my crutches are working out fine, the bruises on my arms are almost gone (only thanks to the socks I put over the crutches to make them softer) and I am walking with around 25% weight on the foot- sometimes less and sometimes more. I even tried to pointe my foot today, as you can see in the photo. Keep in mind that it is NOT as good as it usually is, which is not so strange, I’ve just been through a surgery- after all, but it was still so much better than I thought.

This afternoon I met with a physic therapist. We talked and explained the situation, he wrote some papers, gave me some information and we also measured my pointe vs flex. It made me feel more positive about the rehabilitation and I can’t wait to dance without the pain! Before the break I got a very good summery of “how to do your rehab” after an ostrigonum surgery, from my school. By week 2 you are allowed to stand on one foot on a balance board and start working more on the movement of the foot. This evening was spent doing a full workout with my body, then I took around 15 minutes for my feet exercises. Now I am keeping my foot a bit higher up, while icing it, to make the swelling go down. We changed the bandages yesterday and the scar looks great!

Hopefully I will come back stronger than before, once I’m back in the studio again.

Moving to two places at the same time 

I adore travelling. The feeling of a new country, culture, weather and people. It’s absolutely amazing to discover new places and I’m so thankful that my family and I have travelled a lot.
We have been wanting to be expats for a long time and we once got a job offer in Zambia, Africa. We didn’t take it since that would have been too hard for us, plus my siblings and I were quite young. Accepting the offer in India was different. We’ve lived in India before, during 3 months, because my mom worked there. Therefore we have a good connection with India. I learn’t a style of Indian dance, Bharata Natyam, with a professional indian dancer,  while we were there. He got me costume and makeup, later I performed a solo, that I learn’t, when I got back to Sweden for my school. It’s me, getting my makeup on, in the photos.
The poverty differ very much from place to place in India. By that time we lived in the south, Kerala/Varkala, which is a part with a big poverty. This time we will move a bit outside Dehli, in the north. My sisters and brother will attend an international school and overall the area we’ll live in is safer. We all are exited to start this new journey with a completely different life. Not only things such as the culture, weather and infrastructure are different but also, for example, the school will also be very different for my siblings, with the uniforms. We have, our whole life, been living in a house, now we’ll move to an apartment and, at the same time, I will get to discover the life at a boarding house.
India and Zurich are very different compared to one another. I’m very happy and excited that I’ll get to experience both worlds. Leaving my loving, caring and wonderful family will be hard. I will miss them from the deepest of my heart, but at the same time I am more than excited to start my new life there. Getting new experiences, meeting new people, while getting a really good dance education sounds good to me. I will talk to them over FaceTime every day, same as with my friends. It makes me sad though, thinking about how I am choosing the dance  over staying with my family and discover India together with them. But opening one door doesn’t mean you are closing the others & I will be with my family every holiday and talk to them everyday. Hopefully things will work out pretty great with India, Zurich and the big moving from our house in Stockholm to Dehli with all the furniture.
I will let you know how it goes!