Who am I?

Good morning!

I’m sitting outside in the sofa, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and my cat is cuddling next to me. What place else could possibly be better to write the first blog post on?

My name is Moa Andreasson. I was born in July 2000 in the south of Sweden. Ballet is my absolutely biggest passion and I dance everyday, not only ballet but also styles such as jazz, modern, character and improvisation, even though ballet is what I like to do the most and what I want to dedicate my future to. That is the main reason to why I will move to Switzerland in the end of this coming August, to attend the Tanz Akademie Zurich.

Moving away at the age of 16 is a huge thing to do, but I couldn’t be more excited about it. The funny thing is that my family is actually also moving away – to India. This is due to a job offer on my dad’s side of the work. The period of time they will spend there may differ a bit, but it is at least for 2 years. My family, including me, will be settled down in India in the end of July (around my birthday!) which means that I’ll be spending almost a month over there before heading to Zurich.

My dad came home from India around lunch time today. He was there visting the schools my siblings will attend and also to choose which apartment they will live in. We have seen each and every apartment my dad has visited through the lens of his iphone via FaceTime, I guess that’s the new way of “house viewing”. Since this is more of a basic “get to know me a bit better “- post I will write another blog post later with more information regarding moving to two places at the same time.

As I wrote above, I was born in south of Sweden, I lived there for a few years and this is where we spend all our summers. Until a week ago Stockholm has been my home for the past years. I went to the Royal Swedish Ballet school from 2010-2016. I started dancing ballet at the age of 10 and my first ballet class was the audition to my former ballet school, which obviously  seemed to work out pretty great, due to the fact I got in and stayed there for 6 years. The fact that I started dancing ballet at a quite old age, compared to the ones who’s born in ballet shoes, hasn’t made it any harder in my life as a dancer. Other than dancing I love reading and writing, which is a big reason why I started this blog. I also love to swim and I’m really looking forward to work as a swimming teacher the upcoming two weeks.

I could go on writing about my life forever, but I guess no one care to read such long texts, so this time I’ll cut it here. In this blog I will basically write about everything regarding my life, there’s nothing so simple but yet to difficult. I hope you, who is reading this, will find it interesting to find out how my time spent in India will be, what my life will look like in Zurich and for the moment: how my everyday life is with the surgery I did this Monday. If your coming from the link in my bio at Instagram you are most likely interested in ballet and I will assure you- there will be lots of upcoming posts about that too!


Have a great day!





4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi! I follow you on Instagram and I saw that you are moving to Zürich to attend a ballet school. Just out of curiosity, why did you choose Zürich over Stockholm? Is it a better ballet school or was it for other reasons?

    Hope you have a fast recovery and a great summer!



    1. Hey! In my opinion it is. I would say it depends from person to person, I’m sure this is the best option for me, the schools have a bit different styles and my former school is more in to modern and I like classical the most. Thank you and you too!


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