Hello everyone!

Today it is, what we in Sweden call, “Midsommar” and I guess the english word for it, is Midsummer. It’s a very traditional holiday here in Sweden, with flowers, sing-along songs, cookies, cakes and of course, lots of dancing. Me and my family celebrated it together with another family, they are very close friends to us and have children in the same age as we have. Our parents even knew each other before we were born! We actually lived in New York for around two years together with them, due to another job offer. (Fun fact)  We were there September 11th 2001 when the twin towers were crashed down during a terror attack. This family, that we are spending the day with, live in the same area as we did during the time we lived in Skåne, south of Sweden, it is super nice to be back where I once lived! I absolutely love this place.

Anyway, it was a good day with lots of fun! My arms are exhausted though, from all the jumping around everywhere. Now I’m looking forward to watch a horror movie with the others.

Good night!


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