First workout

The perks of having summer break in a country house leads to not always having internet that works… This post should have gone up yesterday afternoon but nothing made it work. To bad, but here it is!
The day started with a homemade very tasty, and actually healthy, breakfast. Later in the day we also bought delicious ice cream. We drove home from our friends a little bit before lunch and my friend came with us, she’ll stay here until tomorrow. In the afternoon  I did my first real workout since the surgery. Because it’s summer break I decided to take five days of rest, doing absolutely nothing. Rest is as important as the daily training, once in a while.
I started with intense core exercises, such as sit-ups, plank, Russian twists etc. During the whole time, I was wearing weight on my ankles, it’s the purple things you see in the photo and it’s a great tip to increase the exercise. After that I did back exercises, back lifts. Then I did exercises for turnout and later I stretched. I also worked a bit on my port des bras, I really need to control my arms better when dancing. I know many of you want exercises for turnout, lifting legs and so on. I will definitely post loads of tips around next week- when I’m able to use my foot more, which means I can show everything better.
I haven’t really done any foot exercises for my foot since surgery. I am still on crutches, allowed to walk with 25% weight on the foot, even though it feels as if I could do it without them. I guess I just have to wait one more week- order from the doctor. The foot is a bit swollen so I’ll keep it high up the rest of the evening. I have an appointment with a physiotherapist on Monday for further information.

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