My way to ballet

I like how every little detail of its movement should be precised and filled with a light feeling. I love how much hard work, dedication and determation you must put in to the life of being a ballet dancer. I absolutely adore the moments on stage but also, as well in the studio. Days which are filled with dance are the best days. 
When I was ten years old, my former class and I, went to watch a performance at the Royal Swedish ballet school. We were one of the many classes that were invited to watch it, with the purpose to get more people interested and to introduce the dance. They set up the performance, which was filled with dance and joy, to make more people apply to the school. We even got to see all the, from what I remember, amazing costumes, and I was more than happy to see what the stage looked like from behind. They sure got me interested and later that day, when I got home, I begged mom to put me in that school. I was overwhelmed with the dance and could barely stop moving. A few weeks later we got an application form sent to us by post. At first I thought the people at the ballet school knew who I was. Minutes later, my parents killed my happiness by telling me that they are most likely sending out that to all the people who watched the performance. Anyhow, my mom sceptically sent in the application to them. I had done some figure skating before but never ballet. Mom really didn’t think I was going to make it. The auditions got closer and we bought me a leotard, ballet tights, soft shoes and some hair things. I was so happy already. Unfortunately, my family and I later realised we were going to be in Thailand by the time it was auditions. At first, we were just going to skip the whole thing, but then we decided to email them anyway. They answered that I was gladly accepted to do the audition later, an extra audition, among with the ones who wasn’t able to do it on the other day. Usually it should have been three or four tests, I don’t really remember since I only got to do two. You had to wait at the school for about an hour to get the result in your hand afterwards, to know whether you passed the audition, or not. I was extremely happy to found out that I passed the audition and I was onto the next one, the final one, which I also passed. Leaving the normal life and accepting the place at the ballet school wasn’t a big thing for me. Even though I hadn’t taken any ballet classes before that, I was thrilled and over exited to go to that special school. My 10 year old self didn’t dream of becoming a ballerina (yet) but I wanted to dance so bad.
I will write more about my life and experiences, at the Royal Swedish Ballet school, in another post. You will find out about when I got my first pair of pointe shoes, how my first classes at the school were like and all the auditions I passed to the other grades.

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