Moving to two places at the same time 

I adore travelling. The feeling of a new country, culture, weather and people. It’s absolutely amazing to discover new places and I’m so thankful that my family and I have travelled a lot.
We have been wanting to be expats for a long time and we once got a job offer in Zambia, Africa. We didn’t take it since that would have been too hard for us, plus my siblings and I were quite young. Accepting the offer in India was different. We’ve lived in India before, during 3 months, because my mom worked there. Therefore we have a good connection with India. I learn’t a style of Indian dance, Bharata Natyam, with a professional indian dancer,  while we were there. He got me costume and makeup, later I performed a solo, that I learn’t, when I got back to Sweden for my school. It’s me, getting my makeup on, in the photos.
The poverty differ very much from place to place in India. By that time we lived in the south, Kerala/Varkala, which is a part with a big poverty. This time we will move a bit outside Dehli, in the north. My sisters and brother will attend an international school and overall the area we’ll live in is safer. We all are exited to start this new journey with a completely different life. Not only things such as the culture, weather and infrastructure are different but also, for example, the school will also be very different for my siblings, with the uniforms. We have, our whole life, been living in a house, now we’ll move to an apartment and, at the same time, I will get to discover the life at a boarding house.
India and Zurich are very different compared to one another. I’m very happy and excited that I’ll get to experience both worlds. Leaving my loving, caring and wonderful family will be hard. I will miss them from the deepest of my heart, but at the same time I am more than excited to start my new life there. Getting new experiences, meeting new people, while getting a really good dance education sounds good to me. I will talk to them over FaceTime every day, same as with my friends. It makes me sad though, thinking about how I am choosing the dance  over staying with my family and discover India together with them. But opening one door doesn’t mean you are closing the others & I will be with my family every holiday and talk to them everyday. Hopefully things will work out pretty great with India, Zurich and the big moving from our house in Stockholm to Dehli with all the furniture.
I will let you know how it goes!

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