Surgery update


Today I am exactly one week post surgery! Honestly I think everything feels pretty great. Me and my crutches are working out fine, the bruises on my arms are almost gone (only thanks to the socks I put over the crutches to make them softer) and I am walking with around 25% weight on the foot- sometimes less and sometimes more. I even tried to pointe my foot today, as you can see in the photo. Keep in mind that it is NOT as good as it usually is, which is not so strange, I’ve just been through a surgery- after all, but it was still so much better than I thought.

This afternoon I met with a physic therapist. We talked and explained the situation, he wrote some papers, gave me some information and we also measured my pointe vs flex. It made me feel more positive about the rehabilitation and I can’t wait to dance without the pain! Before the break I got a very good summery of “how to do your rehab” after an ostrigonum surgery, from my school. By week 2 you are allowed to stand on one foot on a balance board and start working more on the movement of the foot. This evening was spent doing a full workout with my body, then I took around 15 minutes for my feet exercises. Now I am keeping my foot a bit higher up, while icing it, to make the swelling go down. We changed the bandages yesterday and the scar looks great!

Hopefully I will come back stronger than before, once I’m back in the studio again.


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