Dealing with dance and school

Dance classes. Homework. Rehearsals. Math. Perfomances. Science. Repertoire. English. Pointe.

Sometimes dealing with both dance and school can be pretty tuff. I think every dancer can relate to that. When you are trying to study for that huge math exam, while sewing pointe shoes for tomorrow’s rehearsal, at the same time thinking about the new exercises from today’s ballet class and stressfully writing down some answers to the french homework can be pretty hard, and we’ve all been there. School takes a lot of place in my life. So does ballet. Here are my best tips and tricks to deal with such a huge passion like dance, all while trying my best to get straight A’s in school.

In my former dance school, the Royal Swedish Ballet school, we combined all the curricular subjects, such as english, math, social science etc, together with the dance subjects, all into one building and one place. In other words; I got everything I needed during the school day there. Because of that, we always had quite long days, finishing around five and six, half past six at the latest. Coming home to homework and the need to study for upcoming exams around eight, can be a hard cookie.

My best tip is to always, no matter what, be structured. I love to use calendars. In those I write down all my homework, tests, exams and dance things- when we have late rehearsals or performances etc. Doing this helps me see how much I have to do in a week. Try to go through your calendar every Sunday evening to see what your upcoming week will look like. Personally, I prefer studying two weeks before an exam or a test. If you start to read and learn a little everyday, you won’t have to memorize all the 100 pages of history the day before the test. I also try to finish my homework, if possible, the day we get them. Do you have a long lunch break? Do it then! Take 10 minutes with your homework at lunch or directly when you come home and you will have less things to do later on. Another great tip, to do, is to take notes, when in school. This is very basic and everyone says it, but guess what? It truly works. Taking notes makes you listen better, you learn easier and it will be less harder to study for the test, once it’s time for it since, basically, all you have to do is to read through all your notes.

To not make this post too long I will finish it here. I have loads of things to write about, regarding this, but there are plenty of time to do it in another post. I hope this gave you some inspiration for studying meanwhile doing dance, or any other sport that takes a lot of time.

Good luck & have a great day!




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