Today’s work and surgery update

Today I finished my second day at my job I have this summer. I am working as a swimming teacher and I will do it for two weeks. I have 5 groups every day, three in the morning and two in the evening. It is very intense and you have to keep an eye on each and every child, all the time. I like it very much though, I love to work with children and it’s very entertaining and fun. Swimming has been a big passion of mine ever since I learned to swim, I practice and do it every summer. I also did it outside school when I was younger, choosing the dance made it non possible to continue, due to the lack of free time, but at least I have the summers to do it.

My foot already feels better. My abilities to move it, and the movement in the foot, is increasing every day. I have less pain, the blueness around the scar is fading away rather rapidly. So far, so good, I guess! I am allowed to let go of one of the crutches tomorrow. Looking forward till next week when I will not only be able to walk without the crutches but by then I am also allowed to swim, haven’t done it for weeks!

Tomorrow I will get a hair cut, to take away my split ends. Fresh hair is always appreciated.

Good night!


2 thoughts on “Today’s work and surgery update

  1. So nice blog, I really like reading it ! I’m living in Switzerland and I’ve passed five years in Zürich, it’s a beautiful city! I’m dancing too, next year I’m going to have really more dance classes than this year and your latest post about dealing dance with school was really, really interesting and helpful ! Thank’s : )


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