Meet our animals


Bamse, the fluffy, white cat & Zingo, the beautiful dog with big, brown eyes are our two animals. Both of them loves to cuddle, a lot. Bamse is more into sleeping than Zingo is, but Zingo has a bigger need to play and to be outside than Bamse has. Zingo loves everyone and everything while Bamse only cares about his family. They are both really cute and I will miss them lots when I move. The cat will come along till India, he is an indoor cat, which means it will work out fine. The dog, on the other hand, will live (permanently) with our good friends. It won’t be possible to take Zingo to India, he wouldn’t live a life as good as in Sweden, over there. Our friends are great with animals, I am sure they will take super good care of Zingo!

We bought Bamse seven years ago, when he was only a lill cute, tiny kitty. Zingo has lived with us for about one and a half year, he was already grown up when we bought him. He could’t stay with his old family due to several reasons. Bamse and Zingo are both seven years old.

Having an animal (or animals) is an amazing thing, you are never alone and they make you feel very appreciated. I love both our animals and I’m thankful they are a part of our family. ❤


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