Tips for future auditions

This may not be the most accurate post right now, but tips are always helpful, and hopefully appreciated.

  • Show the jury your love for the dance.  The reasons for auditioning are either that you want to get in to a school or a company, maybe you take place in a competition, or auditioning for future performances. Whatever the reason for your audition is, it is always important to show the jury your love for the dance. Show them how much y0u like what you are doing. Technique matters a lot, but the most important is to make them realize this is where you belong, that you are enjoying and having fun in what you are doing. If they see this, your chance of getting their attention increases.
  • Don’t be afraid to look at the jury. You should’t try to get eye contact or look at them too much but- if you meet their eyes sometime you shouldn’t hide yourself or avoid the contact. Stand up for yourself and show the jury that you are sure in what you are doing.
  • Show them your engagement and ambition in every step and movement. This one is pretty self-explanatory. It is much more fun watching a person who looks like he or she knows what is going on and puts much effort into the dancing.
  • Think that they watch your every step. This is always good to keep in mind. You may not be watched the exact whole time when dancing, if you’re not doing a solo, but the thought that everyone is watching you automatically makes you think about doing your very best in every step.
  • Relax. Have fun. Get used to the thought that you cannot do more than your best. Go for it!

I wish you the best of luck, for whatever future auditions you might have.


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