Questions and answers #2 


Which languages do you speak? English and Swedish are my everyday languages, which I’m fluent in. I almost speak fluent French, je parle assez bien mais je croix que je comprends presque les tout, and now I’ve also started to learn a little bit German, at home. That’s the language they speak in Zurich and I will have to learn it when I move there. I absolutely love languages and I can’t wait to learn another one! I also want to learn Russian, Spanish & Italian.

What do you work on at home? (Stretching, conditioning, etc.?) I try to work with everything as much as possible! Although I am quite flexible it comes naturally to work with more strengthening exercises for me, when at home. Right now, on summer break, I do my workout for around 1 hour everyday, sometimes more and sometimes less. I’m also working everyday, as a swimming teacher, which means I don’t have as much time to workout, but when my work is finished I will try to do the workout for 2 hours everyday. Next week I will be swimming, myself, for about an hour around 7-8 in the morning before I have the kids’ lessons, which is also a great way to workout. I am planning on posting a blog post later on with what I do for exercises at home- for like turnout, back, stretching, lifting legs and those stuff.

What is your diet like? I don’t have any sort of diet! I always have to think about eating extra much when I’ve danced and worked really hard to not loose weight.

How long have you been dancing? I started dancing 2010, which makes it 6 years this year.

How do you stretch at home? I do all the splits, over split, frog, back stretches, needle, developpé à la seconde, front and arabesque etc.

Are you good at school and in which class are you? I love studying, learning new things and reading almost as much as dancing (but only almost, dance will forever be my no.1). I would say I am good at school, my grades are only A’s except two B’s. Studying a lot results in good grades. This August I’m moving to Zurich, to start the first year in the upper school/ gymnasium. I just finished grade 9, Swedish system.

How is your point so perfect really? I miss you! Hahah it’s not, I miss you too Heidi!! I definitely hope to see you sometime in the future

What are your favourite songs? This varies very much and depends on the season and what I’m doing etc. But my favourite artists, on the other hand, are Beyoncé (queen!), Lana del Ray and Sia, I think.

What series are you watching on Netflix? Too many… I recently finished watching the 100, which I really recommend, American horror story is also great. Among those, I watch Orange is the new black, Gossip girl, Vampire dairies, Pll, the OC, Suits, Modern family, Friends etc.

How do you maintain/lose weight for ballet? My family and I are naturally thin, which can be both negative and positive in many aspects, therefore I’ve never tried loosing weight for ballet. For a hard training dancer, I think loosing weight will only make you weak- weight is muscles and muscles are strength, strength leads to success. If you need to lose weight for some other reason I guess it’s important to exercises daily, never skip a meal but cutdown on fast food and the unhealthy part of life (not skip it, but reduce the amount and the intake of sugar and bad fats).

How do you make your legs so long and lean? don’t have a good answer to this, sorry!! If you work hard with every muscles in class, ballet forms your body and muscles. This, of course, really depends on what type of body and physic you have. The most important thing is to be hard working and try to be the best you, you can be.

What pointe shoes do you wear and how do you prepare them? I wear Grishko 2007! This is the brand I’ve always used for my shoes. Sometimes I’ve been trying out different brands such as Freed or Bloch, but I always go back to Grishko. Although, when I’m taking photos, I usually wear my old Freed ones, they make your feet look better than in Grishko but are rather uncomfortable to dance in (my opinion). I prepare my shoes by starting to sew them. I put on ribbons, wrist bands and fix the shoes in the front. Then I wear them on for while and try to soften them with releves and pushing the half pointe.

What are your tips on starting a blog? Use a good language! This must be my number one “rule” I always keep in mind. Reading a blog with bad languages doesn’t make you as interested as if the blog would’ve great language. Photos are always fun to see and try to update your blog quite often.

Would you like to start a YouTube channel? YES definitely! I really wouldn’t have the time for it though… I don’t think I will make one now, I already have my blog plus my Instagram. It may not seem like it, but it takes more time than people think. I can’t even imagine how much time I would’ve to use, to make a good YouTube channel.

What do you wear inside your pointe shoes? I wear a sort of gel pad, “ouch pouch”. You can google it, if you haven’t heard about it before. I think it works very well, it reduces pain but of course, some pain is inevitable.

This were all the questions for this time. The third Q&A post will be on all the questions I haven’t answered, from my Instagram, yet. Stay tuned! 


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