Surgery update

I am now 2 weeks post surgery.
Today I waved goodbye to my crutches, the bruises on my arms and the pain in my hands! I have no problem when walking, it basically feels like normal but a little unusual.
Around lunch time today, we removed all the plasters and the stripes over my scar. Everything looks good, as you can see in the photo above, no intentions for any inflammation, swollen areas or similar. Great news!
During week 2 I have been doing a bit of balance board every day, on both one and two feet. I’ve worked on demi plié on both legs and I’ve also started to do demi relevés and tried to get the rotation movements, in my ankle, back again. Series with lifting your arch are also great foot exercises, since it doesn’t evolve pointing your foot. I have done lots of those.
Moving on to week 3 means increasing the amount of exercises with my foot. I will be working more on flex vs pointe, full relevés on two feet (50 at the end of the week), more balancing board, theraband exercises and try to deepen my plié. By week 4, I should be able to do a bit of barre. The process of getting back to dancing doesn’t feel too bad. My pain is almost gone but I am in constant worries that I’ve done something wrong. Have I been walking with too much weight on my foot? Have I pushed it too hard in any way? Should I walk with more pressure on it? How much shall I flex it? Should I press the pointe more? Well, well… The questions in my head go on forever, I guess the most important is to see how it feels and to listen to my body. Hopefully things will workout great with my foot. As you can see in the one of the photos above, my pointe is already becoming steadily better. The first one, with the bandages, is from beginning of week 2 & the second one is from the end. Improvement, right?



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