Typical swedish summer

 The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the trees moved peacefully by the wind. It was a perfect sunny day. A few hours later, it started to rain. The rain poured down the windows and it looked as if the sky had opened itself. It started thundering really hard. The thunder were followed by a shining sun, the peaceful weather had come back. Some hours later, and the rain was falling down again. This is the typical swedish summer- weather. This weather makes me crazy, but at least it is sunny now. 

My morning started out pretty great. My little brother Filip and I are charing a room, here in our cottage, in the south of Sweden, same do my other two little sisters, Thea and Tuva. Filip sleeps in the bed under mine, when I woke up, he climbed up to me and then we listened to music together. Super cozy!

Yesterday we met a few of our cousins and Grandma, it was nice to see them. We went, for the first time ever actually, to a candy store called “Hemmakväll” on our way home. We ate dinner at a delicious tapas restaurant yesterday evening, we were so full after the meal, therefor we saved our candy till today and ate it after breakfast.

I did my workout for around one and a half hour this morning. It felt really good! Mom, who is a doctor, removed all the plasters and stuff on my foot today. A surgery update- post will come up really soon.

Have a great evening!  


2 thoughts on “Typical swedish summer

  1. I know you can’t be writing ALL the time, but I can’t help to think like there’s so much more to know about you, Moa, and i’m always looking forward to your next post.


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