A hint of summer 

Today I woke up at 6.45 by my alarm. Actually, I prefer waking up early so the problem wasn’t to get out of bed, the problem was getting out from the house. When I looked out the window, I almost couldn’t see clearly because of all the rain. As I have mentioned before, I am currently working as a swimming teacher, for two weeks. I have great experiences with swimming since I was a swimmer as a kid. I am now on to my second work- week, I have five groups every day, three in the morning and two in the evening. Training, learning and coaching the little children to swim is extremely much harder if they are almost freezing to death. Luckily, the rain actually stopped just about time for our groups to get started. At the end of the second group, the sun even showed and the clouds started to separate and go away. Lucky, huh?
When the morning work was finished, I headed to my friends’ house for lunch, my siblings were already there. After lunch I went home and by that time the sun was shining, there were no clouds on the sky and it was very hot. Me and my little brother placed ourselves in the sun, we grabbed some snack and each of us had a book we read. Cozy moment with my beloved lill bro! ❤

Right now, I am on my way home, I’ve just finished working my later work round and the weather was good! Unbelievable! When I get home me and my family will have to drink a special drink- it’s a vaccination thing for India. A while ago, we took injection vaccinations and those stuff, so we will (with the odds on our side) probably stay more or less healthy, while we are there.

Yesterday we waved goodbye to my dad, who took the plane to Stockholm, where he will work, this week. There are loads of things left to do, before we are heading to India. The rest of the family, except me, are driving up to Stockholm this Thursday. I will have to wait until Saturday to go there, my work is finished by then. I will go with our friends who are driving back to Stockholm that day, it is very nice of them that they take me with them. When we get to Stockholm, we have to organize all the things in our house. What furniture we should bring to India, what we should put in the storage etc.

I can’t wait to move and I am really looking forward to start a new, big chapter in my life!




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