Questions and answers #3


How was your trip to the auditions? How have you organized yourself with dates and packing stuff? The first audition I did this year, not counting with any of the many ones I did in Sweden, was to the Royal Ballet school in London. If I I remember it right, my mom and I flew down to London on the Friday before, we spent the Saturday shopping in the many stores, the audition was on Sunday morning and we flew home the same day. The flight was very easy and took like 2 hours. I kept all my belongings in an average sized hand luggage bag, which made the whole trip easier. I didn’t bring much, since it was only one class. The most important was the leatorad, tights, soft shoes and pointe shoes, hair stuff, warm up clothes, I also brought makeup and a few “normal” clothes. The second and third auditions, I did abroad, were to Theater Shule Basel and Tanz Akademie zurich. Both schools are situated in Switzerland that was actually really good, because I auditioned during, what we in Sweden call, the “Sports holidays” which we always spend at our grandparents’ house in Rougemont, Switzerland. It was a great timing to audition since I already was in the country and didn’t have to book any plane tickets. The audition to BTB was in the beginning of the week and my mom and I drove to the city the day before, we slept at a hotel for one night and drove home as soon as my private audition was done. TaZ had their audition in the end of the week and we took three different trains to get to Zurich, I sat on the train for 3 hours and then directly went to do the audition. I got in to both schools but chose to go to Taz.

How much do you dance in a day and how is that broken down? 1 hour if barre etc? At my former school we danced around 4-5 hours a day, we also had the curricular (theory) subjects as well, which is the reason for why we didn’t dance more in a day. Now, when I will start in Zurich, they’ve told us that we will dance 40 hours a week- it is much more than I have done before so I am really excited about that. How the time disposes really depends on the length of the class, the teacher and how many students there are. Some teachers do the barre for 1 hour while some others only do it for 20 to 30 minutes. I prefer going through the whole class quick and effective but still meticulous. 

What are you doing next year? What are your hopes for the future? Next school year I am attending the Tanz Akademie Zurich, as already mentioned before. I won’t only be moving to Switzerland, but also to India before that, because of a job offer my dad have gotten. I hope the years I have ahead of me will be filled with lots of dancing, traveling, learning new things and meeting new people, which I am sure it will be! Whenever I come to my family in India, during holidays, we will travel and discover places we’ve never been on before. The Maldives, Tokyo and Cape Town, to name a few, are on our bucket list. Maldives is only 3 hours away with plane, from India, we are probably going there over the winter holidays. Other than that, I am really looking forward to dance all day, every day, in Zurich and I will really put as much effort and work in to becoming the best “me”, I can be. My hopes for the more distant future, is that I get a place in a well known good company. 

Which is your favorite, barre or center? This varies and depends on the teacher, but usually my favorite is to do the barre.

What is your biggest dream? (Besides being a ballerina) I want to travel the world and see as many new places and destinations as possible. I also want to live a long, happy life with children and a great husband (but who doesn’t?), I guess that is more like a goal or a plan rather than a dream.

How tall are you? I am 172 cm.

What do you eat and don’t eat? I try to eat everything, of course there are a few things I really don’t like so I don’t eat them, for example eggs (other than in cakes and those stuff). One weird fact about me, is that I do not like soft drinks at all! I hate the sparkles so I never drink it, I prefer water or juice…

What are some of your favorite stretches? I like over split a lot and the “leg in the hand”- stretches for developpé à la seconde and front.  

These were all the last questions, from my Instagram photo (@ Moa.andreasson). Don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions! 

Have a great day and enjoy the sun, if possible,- I know I will. 




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