25 facts about me 

1. I have a huge fear of spiders, can’t stand their creepy legs and disgusting look.

2. I am a big tea drinker and I love it!

3. I have three younger siblings and we are around 30 cousins.

4. My Instagram account is only a few hundreds away from 10k (!!)

5. I lived in New York when I was little, I was there during September 11th 2001.

6. My favourite colour is purple, grey and turquoise.

7. I’ve been playing the piano for 4 years, but I stopped in the 5th grade, when it became too much with school and dance.

8. I did horse riding and figure skating when I was younger.

9. Places I want to go to in the near future are Tokyo, Myanmar, Cape Town, the Maldives and Mexico. I would also like to travel to Australia, Bora Bora and Iceland.

10. The majority of the photos on my Instagram account are taken by an IPhone 5s, only the latest by an IPhone 6s Plus.

11. I prefer cats over dogs, I still love our dog even though my cat always will be my number one.

12. Writing and reading are some things I really like to do. That’s the main reason, except me moving abroad, why I started blogging.

13. I couldn’t be more excited to move out from Sweden. I know it sounds kind of traumatic. Sweden is a great country in many ways, really, but I have been wanting to move for so long. Not because I’m uncomfortable here, more because I want to discover the world and not be stuck in one place my whole life.

14. I don’t have so much patient and I hate when things go slow.

15. People would take me as an ambitious person, which I would say I am.

16. I am always active, apart from the dance, I also do swimming, sailing and athletics. I obviously don’t have the time for this during the school year, but my summers are mostly spent swimming and being overall active.

17. I am always listening to either music or podcasts, I recommend everyone who speaks Swedish to listen to “Fredagspodden” with Hanna & Amanda.

18. My birthday is the 29th of July, we will be flying to India the 28th, that means I will celebrate it in India. Last year I celebrated it in London. International much?

19. I have, most of the time, painted nails.

20. There’s no doubt that I’m a morning person. I prefer waking up early rather than sleeping in late. Actually I cannot sleep for long at all. No matter when I go to bed, around ten in the night or two in the morning, I always wake up seven or eight. The longest I’ve slept until is to 9.20 and I’m very proud of that.

21. I love shopping, makeup and just overall fashion. I almost always do my eyeshadow, except for summer because then I don’t wear makeup at all, and my favourite palette is Lorac Pro 2.

22. My favourite subjects in school are ballet (of course), the language classes and Social science.

23. I prefer swimming in the ocean/sea rather than in the pool, if both choices are available.

24. I adore candy!

25. So far (touchwood) the only thing I have broken is my middle toe on the left foot. I ran into a chair, outside our house, in Stockholm. I could barely walk, the toe was so swollen and turned into all possible colours (purple, yellow, blue…). We actually never did an x-Ray of it, to see if I had really broken it or not, because it wouldn’t matter. The whole situation was pretty self explanatory- by the way the toe looked. I couldn’t even do ballet class because the pain was too bad, one little movement and my whole body hurt. The thing was that we had some big performances at the Opera the weekend after it happened. I did it though, almost without any problems, but a bit of pain.



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