Summer days


Am I the only one watching football right now? Honestly I am not much into watching it and I have never stayed to watch a match for more than 15 minutes… (shhh)

My days have been quite busy lately, actually. Working both morning and night is not only making me very tired but also exhausted and super cold. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been on top: cold, windy and rainy are great words that describe these past days. It is very fun working though and I love what I am doing.

My oldest little sister made some really delicious cookie dough cookies the other day, I just had to post a photo of them. Do you want the recipe too?

Right now I am staying at my grandma and grandpa’s house(s) due to the fact that my family left me here in Skåne, they went to Stockholm this afternoon. I have to finish work first, before leaving. As I wrote some posts ago, I was supposed to drive up to Stockholm this Saturday, those planes have changed and now I will fly up on Sunday instead. I am looking forward to spend some days in the city, although I like it very much here on the country side. When in Stockholm, we will pack all our furnitures that we’ll bring with us to India and organize the move itself. We will also prepare the house for the family who will rent it while we are gone. I will put up another post with more info, regarding India, in a few days.

The big moving is getting closer and closer, in less than a month from now we are already in India. Exiting! 




4 thoughts on “Summer days

  1. I can imagine how excited you are! Good luck with the moving, I know you will adapt soon and enjoy every single piece of both adventures! Tell us about these cookies, it seem easy to do and delicious!


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