Summer, is that you?

Today was a really good day. It finally felt like summer again and I didn’t freeze to death while working, as I have done these past day that have been filled with rain and coldness. 

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I am very sad about that actually, it has been great fun to work as a swimming teacher and I have asked myself many times why I didn’t choose swimming instead of dancing. The answer always goes back to one simple thing: I love to dance and I wouldn’t be able to live without it.

Thanks to the good weather, I even got a chance to work a bit on my tan between my morning and night jobs. Grandma and grandpa’s pool will always be appreciated. Other than that, I did my workout today, for a bit more than an hour. I also realized that I am getting more and more movement, in my ankle, back. Overall the workout was great and it feels good to do it. I can’t wait till I am back in the studio though- but it is only a few months left and then it is time for Zurich… It’s an overwhelming feeling mixed with excitement and a bit of longing to start a new life there. Although, my family and friends will be endlessly missed. I guess that is what Skype and FaceTime is for.

The time is only 9.50 pm but I will be a good girl and go to sleep very soon. I have to be by the pool, ready to work, before eight tomorrow morning. As I have already written before, I haven’t had much time to write longer posts. This will change now when the work is over. My upcoming posts, which I have start writing, will be about stretching, dancing and India. Stay tuned for those.

Good night!



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