More about India 

{The photo to the left is taken by me, the others are from Google} 
For those who haven’t read about this yet: my family and I are moving to India due to a job offer that my dad received. 

It is a huge move in every way. Leaving your home country, school, house and friends behind is something really big. It is great that there’s such things as social media to keep contact. The moving date is set and we will fly to India the 28th of July, in 19 days. I am staying there for almost a month before heading to Zurich, to attend Tanz Akademie Zurich.

When in India, we will live in an apartment, in an area with lots of other expats from all over the world. It’s a large area with around 500 apartments, divided into 5 towers, & has common social places such as Sports & Recreational facilities, swimming pool, gym, cinema, and so on.

My little sisters and brother will attend different schools during the first half year- the reason for that is because there aren’t enough places at the school they should be in. Around Christmas time they will all be in the same international school.

The departure is at 4.55 pm 28th of July and we will arrive to India around 5 am the next day, 29th of July, on my birthday (!). The apartment will be ready two weeks after our arrival. This means that we will stay at a hotel the first two weeks. Of course it has to be pet friendly since we take our cat with us. The dog will permanently move to our friends. I am looking forward to our hotel stay, which will feel a bit like a vacation.

I am, as mentioned before, flying up to Stockholm tomorrow morning, Sunday. My family is already there and have started to pack everything. We have to organise with all the moving boxes, what kind of things we should pack down and put in storage during these two years and what things the moving firm should helps us bring to India. The clothes and those stuff will be travelling with us, in our luggage bags, while the furniture that we’ll bring will arrive in September.

I will only be able to bring one bag with me to India. It’s a good thing my grandparents have a strong connection with Switzerland. I will pack another bag full of dance clothes and pointe shoes, which they will take care of while I am in India. They have decided to go to Zurich the weekend I arrive there, they will bring the bag with them which is very kind of them. Doing it that way, will get me everything I need, to Zurich. I really appreciate it and it is very well needed.

The fact that my family will live in India and I will live in Zurich means that I’ll only be in Sweden at the summers. That is one of the very few downsides, of us moving. I won’t meet my Swedish friends for a whole year! Although it is permitted to have some friends staying at the boarding house, in Zurich, a few days, so they might actually go to there sometime, at least I really hope they do. That would be very fun.

My month in India, before I leave for Zurich, will mostly be spent with my mom. My little sisters and brother will go to school at the week days and my dad will work as well. I will be training super hard everyday, to really get in shape for Zürich and also do other activities such as swimming and playing tennis. I like sports a lot! There are even some great big shopping malls near the place we’ll live at. They have brands such as Calvin Klein, juicy couture, H&M, Gap, Sephora and so on. Mom and I will definitely kill some time there. On the weekends we might travel a bit to see & experience more of India.

This was just an update with a bit of information regarding India and the move itself. I hope you found it interesting to read about. I am looking forward to start this new adventure and chapter in my life. Always remember: you are not moving AWAY from something but TO something. I can’t wait to move abroad!


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