Today was my last day at work! I will miss it a lot and it was a great job. Although I’ll actually come back there and swim, once I am back from Stockholm (which will be the week after next week). Swimming is great for your body and I like it very much.

My plane departures from Skåne quarter to eleven, tomorrow morning. It only takes like one hour, it’s very convenient. I packed my bag this afternoon, after I did my workout, for an hour as usual. Since I won’t even be there for a week I will just bring some clothes with me and my computer, books & the camera…

I cut my hair some days ago. The lady who cut it gave me a sample of shampoo and conditioner (from Revlon, if anyone’s interested) and said it is supposed to make your hair very smooth but also a bit straighter… As you can see in the bottom right corner it didn’t become any straighter at all! It wasn’t a waste though, my hair is super soft now, but obviously not straight, which of course doesn’t matter.

I really like berries and fruits, especially the ones you grow yourself. I just had to upload the photo of the raspberries, super delicious, healthy and we didn’t even buy them!

I am actually not looking forward to go to Stockholm this time, I prefer being in Skåne, south of Sweden, more on the country side. I really need to pack my last things that are left in the house though. At least the weather is better in Stockholm than here, maybe it is not so bad going there after all.

Now, I’ll enjoy my last evening with my grandparents.

Have a great Saturday night! 


2 thoughts on “Stockholm

  1. Hi! I really like the way you write this blog. I am a big fan of yours, you are so beautiful and your legs are my goal. I am myself also a dancer, only in Estonia.
    For me, you are perfect. Such a good dancer and you live in Sweden. I really love Sweden btw. I’m coming with my mom in Stockholm this weekend. I would like to ask you, as a local resident there, what are must-see places what normal tourists haven’t time to see? The whole trip is a surprise for my mother and I would like to take her same cute and cozy Old Town cafe. Do you have any recommendations of where we could go?
    All the best


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate it and it makes me happy to hear you enjoy reading my blog!
      Stockholm is a beautiful city. There are popular tourist attractions such as “Stadshuset”, the castle and the old town (gamla Stan). Djurgården & Drottningholm are also beautiful places to visit. There are many museums and if you like theme parks “Grönalund” is great. My top tip would be too visit “Fjäderholmarna”. It is some very pretty islands with restaurants and cafes, google it! If you have any more questions you could just ask me. Have a great trip, best regards


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