Surgery and foot update 

Tomorrow,  Monday, it will be four weeks post my ostrigonum surgery. The time has flown by so fast and it feels like it was only yesterday mom and I drove in to the hospital to get it done. 

My foot is getting better and better. I am soon touching the floor again, when pointing. I barely have any pain at all and the scar is healing really well. It is a tiny bit swollen but that is almost not noticeable.
This week, I have been doing relevés on two feet, my goal was to be able to do 50 by the end of the week. I am doing that without any problem, I even did 60 yesterday. After all, it doesn’t seem like the strength in the foot took any damage from the surgery and being on crutches. I don’t remember it being any easier to stand with one foot on the balance board before the surgery than it is now, isn’t that just great?

New week means new exercises. I will start to do relevés going up on two legs & then down on one. I will increase the amount of theraband exercises, try to deepen my plié and even start to do some barre exercises (which I am, by the way, already doing- can’t keep myself from dancing) ! I will also continue with all the other exercises from the past weeks, balancing board, arch strengthening and flex/pointe.

The upper left photo is at my foot at the end of week number 2 and the lower one is from the end of week 3. Difference, right? The photo taken in the gym is a throwback to the school days. I usually went down to the gym to work on building strength in the other parts of my body, where I didn’t have to use my foot, if I couldn’t do the class because of the pain.

I hope my recovery keeps going as good as it has been till now, I will keep you updated!  


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