Shopping day

“The only exercise I’ve done this month, is running out of money.”

The quote is not fully relatable, but I found it on google and thought it was kinda funny after all. Today me and my little sister had a great day, spent shopping in the city. The consequences of going in to a lot of stores with sales, results in spending way too much money. It was worth it though… I bought some cute clothes for my sister and for myself. I haven’t had any time to take photos of them today, but I will for sure do that tomorrow.

We ate a delicious sushi lunch, sushi is one of my favorite food! A few hours later, in the afternoon, we had some great donuts, as a snack, from Dunkin’ Donuts (fave donuts .

When we got home, I did my workout. I had some pain in my foot, probably due to working too hard with it, but I solved it when I kept it a bit higher up and iced it. After dinner with my family, me and my little brother walked the dog for a bit more than an hour. The weather was beautiful. We climbed the mountains and got up on top of the forest, it was such a nice view, extremely pretty.

My outfit today, which you can see in two of the photos above, consisted of a skirt from Forever 21, a shirt from Vila, shoes from Bianco and accessories from Marc Jacobs and Hermès.

I hope your day was as good as mine. Tomorrow it probably won’t be as great, I have to pack and organize the last things before the move. The moving firm will, as mentioned before, come and help us on Wednesday. Therefor, we will borrow our friends’ house until Friday, since we can’t be in ours- due to the fact that they will need all the space.

Good night, sleep tight!



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