Guest in my own house

Boxes, boxes, boxes & more boxes. Empty rooms, wardrobes, shelves & tables. I am almost feeling as if I am a guest in my own house. 

I will miss my beloved house so much. We got the attic done a year ago for me. I have my own room there which also includes a toilet. I would actually say I spend the most time up in the attic, when I’m in my house. It is my favorite place of all times. My cozy bed, my well loved makeup table, my comfy armchair or my table where I always study. Even though I am, during these days, keeping all my belongings in a luggage in the corner of my room and nothing is as it usually is, I really enjoy spending time here.

Above are photos I have taken in, and outside, my house during the year.

Today will be our last time we have dinner in our dining room and house for at least 2 years, probably more… It is a weird thing to think about how another family will live in our house, in our home. They are really nice though & I’m sure they will love it here as much as we do.

Almost everything is now packed and organized. From tomorrow morning we will, temporarily, live at our friends’ house until this Friday. It is only a few houses from ours, which means my parents will be at our place and helping the moving firm pack all our belongings, such as furniture etc, during these days.

The moving to India is getting closer and closer. Can’t wait to travel again! Only 16 days left…


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