(GREAT TIP): I am not wearing any kind of makeup at all, in the photos above. I color my eyebrows and my eyelashes every once in a while. This makes a huge difference and I haven’t worn makeup for weeks. If you color your lashes black and then use an eyelash curler- it looks as if you are wearing mascara. Great thing to do in the summer!

Good evening, 

Me and my little sister were in town the other day, and found some great stuff on sale.

The boot cut jeans are from JC in the size 25/35. They usually  cost 599 kr (sek) but I got them on sale for only 199kr. I have been looking for boot cut jeans since forever, but never found any. These ones fit me perfect and I’m so glad I found them!

The ivy green jacket is from Vila. It is not thick at all, rather the opposite, and perfect to wear in the spring or summer time. It is very comfortable and goes well with almost everything. 349kr, sadly it was not on sale but the original price wasn’t expensive. Size 8.

The pink tinted top, with gold dots on it, is also from Vila. I got it with 70% off the original prize, which was 259kr (I paid 77). Such a great prize. I wear the size S.

The darker blue sweatshirt is from Vero Moda, bought awhile ago, 249kr.

I also bought a leotard and a piece of warmup clothing, that were on sale. I will most likely take some dance photos tomorrow, then I will show the dance clothes.

Have a great evening and goodnight!

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