Movie time: Ice Age

Today my family and I set our alarms at 6 o’clock. The moving firm came to our house a bit after seven, we had to be totally done and up by then. The hours before lunch were spent down in the basement, where we were out of way, when they started to pack all the stuff. One thing you probably don’t know about me- I love to play minecraft, and so do my siblings. Therefor, we played minecraft on the TV for the whole morning. My dad bought lunch, sandwiches and yogurt, since we couldn’t use our kitchen. We all ate in the sofa in the basement, very unusual for being us, but still kinda cozy.

After lunch, mom drove us children in to the city, to the cinema. We went to see the Ice Age movie “Collision Course” at 1 pm. We all love the Ice Age movies and this one was just as good as the others. The best thing about going to the cinema at holidays: there are almost no one there! We were basically alone. Candy, popcorn and bacon chips were our snack throughout the movie. I had a great time and I know my brother and sisters had too. When the movie was finished, we went to a few stores before mom picked us up. I bought some cute rings from H&M (50 sek) and then we drove to our friends house, which we are borrowing until Friday.

We just had sushi for dinner and now I am going to do my workout.

Enjoy the rest of your evening (morning, day or night, wherever you are)! 


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