Lazy mornin’ & tea obsession

Good morning!

I am sitting in the kitchen, drinking my third cup of tea this morning (tea drinker much..?) while talking to my sister. I woke up at 7.30 today. I have such a bad headache, due to the fact that I shared a bed with my little brother this night, who moves everywhere and literally takes all the space. Well, well at least I don’t have any big plans today, a bit tiredness doesn’t matter.

I have been reading until now and will probably continue doing that after I’ve written this post. Right now, I am actually reading a swedish book! Applauses for me, I never read in swedish, only in English or French. My swedish teacher once recommend me to read some swedish books once in awhile, to not forget the language… I don’t think there are any chances that I will forget my mother tongue, but it doesn’t hurt to, sometimes, read swedish books.

Later this day, I might meet up with some friends, but other than that I have no specific plans. Exactly what holidays should be like. My one and only wish for today, is that it keeps being as sunny as it is now. I have to continue working on getting that tan…


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