On the country side, again…


We are FINALLY home, in the south of Sweden, after too many hours in the car. It took about 8 hours and my body hurts, from not moving for such a long time. Good thing is that I finished reading my book. It was a great one and I recommend everyone who speaks swedish to read it! “Avdelning 73”.

We left Stockholm around three in the afternoon. I said goodbye to our house, who we won’t see for at least 2 years, probably more… It feels a bit unrealistic and strange, but I am not sad about it. We’ve gotten many questions about how it feels to leave our house and Sweden. Me and my family agreed that it is not a “move from something” rather a “move to something”. Great adventures are on their way! 

I did a quick visit to the city today, before lunch. It felt very unnecessary because I only had to buy a few hair things. It was needed though and now I don’t have to worry about not having enough things for my hair, when dancing.

When I took the photos for my haul, which I uploaded the other day, I forgot that I actually bought one more shirt. It is the green one you see in the pictures above. It is from H&M, Divided, 130kr.

About an hour ago, I uploaded a photo to my Instagram and before that on my snapchat, where I asked what kind of blog posts I should post on my blog. Now I feel very happy and inspired by all the nice comments, thank you all! I am really looking forward to start writing future blog posts, I am filled with new energy and new ideas. I really appreciate all the positive feedback I get on this blog. I love writing, but the most inspiring part about having a blog, is that there are people out there who actually reads what I write. Weird thing but I think it is so much fun.

I have to go to sleep now. Tomorrow we will pack up and organize all the things in our car, that we brought from Stockholm- to place and store here. I am also hoping for a bright and sunny weather, so we can spend the afternoon at the beach. Swedish summer has a tendency not to be like you want it to be, just because I ask for sun, we might as well have rain and thunder tomorrow. Well, well…

Good night, sleep tight!


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