Siberian Husky

I have been exited to go to India ever since we found out the great news, but today I feel like I will appreciate the move extra much. The typical swedish summer is not fun. I want heat and sun. Not the opposite. How hard can it be to just be sunny and warm? 

It have been raining, more or less, all day until afternoon. Right now it is actually quite warm and a bit sun shows through the clouds. I am sitting next to the pool, in my grandparents’ yard, watching the kids swimming. I love to swim but I didn’t feel like it today. We’ve been having dinner with the cousins & our grandparents. My cousins will be babysitting this gorgeous Siberian Husky, for a month from now. It has so much energy but it is overwhelmingly cute & beautiful.

After I ate my breakfast, my family and I, packed up all our things we brought from Stockholm. Since we got home pretty late yesterday night, we were too tired to organize anything, that is why we did it today.

I did my workout before lunch, for 2 hours, this time. I usually always start with core exercises, then turnout, insides, back, stretching and lifting my legs at last. This time I started with the stretching and then I did LOTS of turnout exercises. I believe that sometimes varying what you do, when working out, will increase the effect of the workout and the exercises over time. Which means better results in the end! It is 12 days until we go to India. I was thinking that I would do very intense workouts until then, focusing on special things every day- for example, today I worked extra with the turnout and arabesque on both sides. Tomorrow I will do more core and back lifts, and so it continues.

I baked some delicious brownies in the afternoon, which reminded me that I still haven’t posted the recipe of the cookie doughs, I will do that tomorrow!

Enjoy your evening & have a good night!


2 thoughts on “Siberian Husky

  1. Hi! Love reading your blog, it’s great! I’m going through kind of the same thing as you right now. My family and I are moving to Hong Kong in 9 days to stay there for 2-3 years. I’m sure you will do great in Zurich and I hope you have a wonderful time!


    1. Hello! Thank you very much, I appreciate hearing it. That sounds like you have such a nice adventure waiting for you, just around the corner! I am very exited to move abroad & I guess you must be to. Good luck with everything and have a great time there!


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