Climbing adventures

Calm, cozy and refreshing, the nature at its best.

Above are five photos of the beautiful nature, that surrounds us here in our country house, in the south of Sweden. I love the nature! There is also a photo from an Instagram video, that I uploaded earlier this evening.

This day has by far been the best of this week, I must say. I started the morning with doing my workout, for one hour, after breakfast. This time, my main focus was the core and the arms. I also did some stretching, back lifts, turnout exercises & a bit of foot rehab. Tomorrow, I will upload a “Surgery update”- post. I know a lot of you want to see exactly what kind of exercises I do, when I do my workouts. I promise a post about that, will be up soon.

After lunch, me, my family and our cousins went to do a fun activity together. We did adventure climbing, I suppose it’s called. It is when you climb the trees to different stations high up, with the help of some safety equipment. We had great fun and it was super scary but also very exiting. There were four different trails, the difficulties increased for each trail. The hardest, and also the most scary one, was around 20 meters up. We all agreed that the zip lines were the most fun (and the least scary) parts of all the trails. I sadly didn’t bring my phone with me, I wouldn’t be able to climbed with it, that is why there aren’t any photos from the little adventure we had.

We ate pizza at the adventure park and got home around seven o’clock. Until now I have only been relaxing, resting my legs and body from the intense climbing. It must have been some great workout though, climbing all those hard trails!

About an hour ago, I got the great news that I will be working tomorrow, due to a sickness  one of the other workers have gotten. For some people, it might sound like a “not fun thing to do”, but I really enjoyed working these past weeks & I am looking forward to do it again.

I have to be up by seven, tomorrow morning, which means I must go to bed now- if I don’t want to be totally lost of tiredness- while learning the kids to swim, probably not the best thing to be.

Good night!


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