Cookie dough recipe

Here is the delicious cookie dough recipe. This is all thanks to my little sister, who have made these ones many times before. Super yummy!

I am sorry the measurements aren’t the same as in UK or any other country than Sweden. If you need to convert anything, google can be very helpful.

1 dl farinsocker (brown sugar) 

1 dl strösocker (white sugar)  

100g smör (butter)

Use an electric whisk to mix these three ingredients.

1 tsk vaniljsocker (vanilla powder) 

1 tsk mjölk (milk)

A tad bit of salt 

2 dl mjöl (flour)  

150 g chocolate chips

Take all the ingredients mentioned above, and put them in the sugar and butter mix. Mix the ingredients and then gently add the chocolate chips. Do not use the mixer when you’ve added the chocolate chips, if you don’t want them all mashed up.

Form round balls out of the dough, with your hands. Let them be in the freezer for a bit before you eat them. Done!

Enjoy the recipe and have a great evening!


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