Surgery update & today’s workout

I am now onto week 5, post my ostrigonum surgery . So far so good, I would say.

I cannot believe how fast these weeks have flown by. My foot is actually feeling very good, at the moment.

It didn’t feel well, at all, this past week. It was a bit swollen and hurt more than usually. I realized I must have been working and pushing it a bit too hard, too fast, and didn’t do much rehab that week. I only worked with arch strengthening exercises, which doesn’t involve moving the ankle, and tried to ice it, to make it feel better. I suppose it helped, since it is feeling really fine now. No swollen areas, no pain, the scar looks great and my ankle movement is almost back to what it used to be!

Today, for overall workout, my main focus was on the arms, the turnout and arabesque strengthening. It felt really great. I still don’t want to push my foot too hard yet- but I continue doing the arch exercises, today I also did some balances at the balance board and a few things with the theraband.

My day today has been good. I worked both this morning and evening, it was fun but SO cold. Especially since the weather has decided to keep being all like if we are back in October, with the autumn, rain and cloudiness covering the sky. I am free tomorrow, I beg to the weather to be sunny, I could really need some vitamin D.

Good night!


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