Sponsoring: Sonata Dancewear

This afternoon, me & my grandpa drove to the Supermarket, to get a parcel for me. The package has been sent from Singapore, from a dance brand called Sonata Dance wear.

They kindly sent me 2 leotards, 3 skirts and a resistance band. Everything fits perfect and feels very comfortable. As soon as I have taken some photos, in my new dance wear, I will post them too.

The first leotard is light blue, turquoise. It has 3/4 sleeved arms and a low back. Very pretty!

The second leotard is a round-necked tank leotard, it has a nude mesh neckline across the collar bone and a scooped back. It is dark grey with a bit of pink on the top (it only looks black in the photos though).

There were three different skirts. Two shorter ones, in light pink and the other one with purple & black patterns, and a longer, blue one.

I really appreciate that they sent this to me. I will definitely use these clothes and I recommend everyone to go and check out their dance wear. 




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