A visit to the city

My day begun with work. The weather was absolutely beautiful, clear blue sky & very sunny. We hadn’t much to do, counting laps, practicing breaststroke, backstroke, diving and overall swimming. At least we got some great tan, from being out in the sun, swimming, the whole morning.

After lunch, which was pasta salad, me and me family spent some time hanging around in the yard of our country house. I sewed a few pointe shoes, read and just relaxed in the sun. Loving the nice weather! We decided to go to the beach after a few hours, and then we drove in to the city.

Our mission was to buy a cage, for our cat. We were in need of a cage which is allowed on airplanes. Then we bought sandals to my siblings and after that we went for dinner. We ate at a steakhouse and it was very delicious. We also had some ice cream. When the dinner was finished, we drove back again & were home around 9.

The sun was extremely pretty and me and my little sister had a little photo shoot. We took photos in the new dance wear I received from Sonata dance wear. I will post the photos on the blog tomorrow!

Right now, we are watching athletics on the TV, but will soon go to bed. I am tired from going to bed late and waking up early for work.

Good night!


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