Boat day!

First of all, I just want to say sorry. I am sorry that the updates on the blog haven’t been the best, I have only been posting 1 post a day and not so much regarding dance and ballet. I have some upcoming plans for future post, especially about dance and training, but sometimes it is hard to always keep up a good blog update, while you are working & trying to start packing for moving to not only one, but two countries at the same time.

Anyway, today was my very last day of work, for this summer. That day would have been last week, but someone was sick and could not work, since I was free anyway, I jumped in for her. This meant that I woke up 6.45 this morning. I took my bike to the pool and was there a bit before eight. The work finished before lunch and I got home around 11.

My family and I ate a quick lunch, and then took a boat trip in the sea, for a bit of swimming and adventuring. We were on the sea for about two hours. We had lots of good snack with us and it was such a nice little trip. The south of Sweden is so beautiful and one thing that is even better: the nice and hot weather has made the water very warm. We dived from the boat and swam a lot. It was so much fun! Even our dog followed, and he loves to swim. He is a super fast swimmer but also super cute, while swimming (or I mean, he is always super cute). When we got home, I did my workout for like almost 2 hours and then had a great time out in the sun, reading.

Our dinner today was so delicious but yet so simple, I could not resist to take a photo of it. It consisted of grilled chicken with a salad made of beetroots, goat cheese & walnuts. Yummy!

The evening was spent packing, both for Zurich and India. I regret ever thinking that it was hard to pack for a holiday, that will last for approximately 2 weeks- packing for moving to two places at the same time, is for sure a hard cookie. Especially when I won’t even visit Sweden for a year…

Around half past eight, my family and I, together with the dog, took our bikes down to the harbor and the sea. We had a cozy time swimming, all together, including the dog- of course. The sky was absolutely beautiful, none of us had our phones with us, which meant that I couldn’t take a photo of it. At least we for sure photographed the great evening in our minds, you do not easily forget moments like this. Sometimes I think it’s good to not always bring your phone with you, wherever you go.

My cat is cuddling in my lap, my mom is reading next to me and my dog is sleeping in the sofa, opposite to us, right next to dad, who is also reading. With other words, this day is ending very well. I will soon go to sleep.

Everyday I wake up, means one day closer till we move: countdown; 5 days…

Good night! 



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