Auditions: practical tips

Auditions can be both pretty tuff, nerve wrecking and horrible but in the same time also very fun, exiting and enjoyable. Which leotard should I wear? How much makeup? Which pointe shoes? And so the questions go on. I would say that the experience itself, answers all these questions, but today I will try to explain such things for you.

When doing an audition, you have to not only look comfortable, but also feel comfortable. One of the many key to this, is to wear a leotard who you personally feel like it looks the best on you. For me, I always prefer black leotards over anything. Whenever I am auditoing I wear a black one. Mainly because they fit me better than the others I have and I just think black looks the best on me. If you feel the most comfortable in a blueish one, wear it! Or in a pink, purple, grey or any other, whatever you like the best and feel will boost your self confidence a bit more.

I am a kind of person that uses makeup. Summer is different, because then you are tanned and swim a lot- no use for makeup during that time, but apart from that season, I usually always wear makeup. My favorite part of the makeup, is planning and doing my eyeshadow. When auditioning, I tend to use a bit of eyeshadow along with the other makeup: foundation, eyebrows, mascara. It shows my eyes better and gives me a bit more self confidence, which is important when you want to do your best. I don’t say that you have to wear makeup, but I personally prefer wearing it, especially when I am doing a audition. In my opinion, I don’t think it should be too much. Keep it light, simple, classy, and it will look great!

Pointe shoes? Which ones? This really depends on what kind of audition you are doing, and also how much pointe work the class will include. When I audition, I like to wear a pair of shoes that are average soft. Rather a bit more soft than hard, but no where near a pair of shoes that are almost dead. Once again, wear the ones you feel the most comfortable with. If you know beforehand, that the audition will include lots of pointe work, wear a pair that you know will last. I really wouldn’t advise you to wear a pair that’s totally new- you have to break it in some classes before you will audition. A great tip is to, when you buy new shoes, get two pairs. Prepare them both at the same time. Start wearing the first pair. After some classes (how many depends on what type of foot you have), when the shoes are really broken in, feel very comfortable and great on your foot- put them aside. Save them until your next audition and start using the second pair of shoes instead. Doing it this way, means that you will be sure to have a great pair of shoes when it is time for your audition.

How to prepare the day before? This will sound like a typical copycat answer: go to bed early, to get enough sleep. But it is actually true. I would advise you to get the routines of a good night sleep at least three days before the actual audition. In case you are too nervous and don’t sleep well the night right before the audition: you have at least been on good routines the days before. Try also to eat healthy, not in the meaning of trying to loose weight and cut down on any food. But to erase the fast food, if you tend to eat a lot of that, and fuel your body with vitamins and the right nutritions. Why? Be cause fast food and other unhealthy things contains a lot of empty calories. Your body needs the right food to present itself at the best.

I always bring snack with me, while auditioning. To give my body energy to make myself perform the best. Some sort of bars are a great snack, fruits or sandwiches. Do not forget to bring some water- but don’t ever drink too much before the audition.

These were my top practical tips, to think about, before you are doing an audition. I really hope you learned something, and of course enjoyed reading it! I wish you the best of luck for any future auditions you may do, good luck!




4 thoughts on “Auditions: practical tips

  1. thank you for the tips! I’m auditioning the 8th of august,its my first audition so these really helped me:)


  2. Very helpful! I love you and your blog: you’re a beautiful and talented girl and you’re so kind and sweet! Good luck for everything, I’m sure that you will become a great and famous ballerina!


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