Goodbye Zingo

Waving goodbye to our cute, beloved little dog, was such a hard thing to do. Everyone has been really sad over this, and we will miss him extremely much. Even though I am absolutely sure he will have a great life with our friends, my heart still hurts when I realize that he won’t live with us anymore… We will forever and always love you Zingo

Other than that, this day was good. Perfect weather and great company. Our friends left our house around afternoon. After dinner, me and my family drove to our grandparents house, to swim in the pool. When we got home again, we had a cozy moment eating homemade ice cream, all together in the sofa, outside the house. My little sister made the ice cream earlier today, it was strawberry sorbet, super yummy!

Tomorrow I am looking forward to be sailing in the afternoon and in the evening, it will be a little birthday party for me, my birthday is on Friday, the 29th of July. We won’t have any time to celebrate it at that day, due to the fact that the day will be spend in an airplane.

Good night!


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