My number one hair product

Good morning everyone! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the water is peacefully blue, there is no wind and the weather is beautiful. This can not be anything, but a really good day.

I want to start out this lovely Sunday morning, with a little tip for you guys. When we were in town the other day, I bought this Revlon UniqONE, all in one hair treatment. I recently ran out of my old bottle, and I love it so much that I had to repurchase it. Since my hair is naturally curly, and I don’t brush it very often, it can get very tangly. To prevent all these tangles, I always put on a bit of this, when my hair is damp, after I’ve washed it. It works wonders! My hair get a lot more smother, silkier and much less frizzier. I recommend it to everyone, needing something to put in your hair after washing it. The price is rather low and it is not expensive at all, such a great product!

Right now it is 10.15, in the morning, here in Sweden. I woke up around 7, and stayed in bed for like two hours. I was checking social media, youtube, writing a few upcoming blog posts and just socializing on my phone. The others in my family got up at 9, I decided to leave bed that time and started to make my breakfast. I ate out in the sun, while cuddling with my dog. I have been cleaning and packing until now.

We have a few plans for today. Our friends will come to our house around lunch time, we will have lunch & spend the afternoon together. They will not only come to meet us, but also to pick up our dog, Zingo. Zingo will from now on live at their house, he wouldn’t have a life as good in India, as here in Sweden. I am sure he will love his new family and they will take good care of him.

I have to finish cleaning now, and do my workout. Yesterday I did 200 sit-ups, as well as lots of other core exercises. My focus was to really work with my whole body. The core exercises were followed by turnout, back, insides, arms, legs and feet exercises. Then I stretched a lot and worked on lifting my legs higher, when dancing. The workout felt good and I am planning on doing kind of the same thing, today.

Have a great day! (Night, morning or afternoon, depending on wherever you are!)


2 thoughts on “My number one hair product

  1. Hi! Could you do a specific post about turnout exercises and, for example, stretches that help improving turnout? Thanks in advance! Xx


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