Pre-birthday celebration

I woke up this morning, (or actually no, I was already awake, but shh) to birthday singing and presents. Since we will arrive in India the day my birthday is (29th of July), and our days until then will be spent packing and planning, we decided to celebrate it today, instead.

My morning was spent with my family, I also did my workout and later we had lunch at our cousins’ house. After lunch, we took our bikes to the harbor. Then we sailed for the rest of the afternoon. Super nice! it wasn’t that much wind though… Therefor we swam a lot from the boat, in the middle of the sea. At least it was pretty sunny and such nice weather.

In the evening we had a little birthday party for me. Really good food, great company & nice presents! Thank you to everyone who came.

I was thinking that I will post a blog post on Friday, when we have arrived in India, where I show my presents. Until then, you can at least enjoy the photo of the dreamcatcher, that I got. One thing you may not know about me, I love dreamcatchers. This one is the prettiest.

Now, I will enjoy the rest of the evening with my family. I wish you all a great evening and a good night’s sleep. 


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