How to deal with injuries

Ballet hurts, sometimes not at all and sometimes a lot. Sometimes the pain is soreness from working hard the other day, and sometimes the pain is due to some sort of injury. Injuries. The ballerina’s biggest enemies.

The downsides of being a dancer is the injuries. You can get injured if you push yourself too hard, if you aren’t strong enough in some part of your body, if you fall or overall just hurt yourself in some way.

Number 1 tip, when you are injured: What is the injury? What is wrong? To treat the injury the right way, you have to know what’s wrong. To do this, search for professional help, a doctor or someone who knows a lot about injuries. This can be really tricky and take lots of time and in the meantime- until you know how to professionally treat and take care of your injury: take it very easy, go light when dancing. Maybe it is just some little injury that won’t matter if you dance with it, or maybe it is something real big that goes a lot more worse if you push it. Whatever the injury is, take care and be carful until you know what the actual problem is.

It may feel like your whole dance career is over, due to the fact that you won’t be able to dance for X numbers of weeks, because of an injury- but you know what? It is not! Does your foot hurt? Work more on building strength in your core, arms or legs. Does your hip hurt? Work with your arms, feet, back or core. Does your back hurt? Try doing exercises that is not too hard on the back- skip back lifts but try focusing on other parts: such as your legs and feet.

When I got really bad in my foot. I couldn’t  even do class, everything felt really bad. Looking back at that time, I nowadays realise that the period of when I was injured, actually made me stronger. The injury gave me more time to work with building overall more strength, in my body. I discovered a lot of exercises that do not envovle working with your feet, at all.

So as a little summery of all the written things above: What to do when you are injured? Let the injury take time and do not push it to heal, it will most likely only make it worse. Search for professional help. Get to know the injury very well, what is wrong? How can I work with it? What rehab sould I do? Listen to your body. A doctor may say one thing, but your body another. In this case, listen to your body the most. You are the only one who truly know how it feels.

Being injured sucks. It hurts, you wish to work hard again, you want to have class & it feels as if the others develope a lot more than you do. Believe me, been there, done that. But one step back means two steps forward, fall seven times and get up eight!

I hope this texted helped someone, who’s in need of it. Take care! 


5 thoughts on “How to deal with injuries

  1. Texten hjälpte verkligen, har en skada i min rygg som gör att jag inte alls kan göra stretcher med ryggen. Känns som allt går förlorat pga av all tid det tar. Men tack för texten! Inspirerande och motiverade!


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