Moving to India in one day?!

Countdown: 1 day until we move to India… ONE DAY?! 

So… The typical question we get at least five times a day, how does it feel?

Butterflies. Excitement. Stress. Excitement. Greatness. Excitement. Excitement. Excitement. 

The words above answer the whole question themselves. We are mostly excited to start this new adventure, & I am also very happy that I decided to blog about it. These past days have been very busy though. Lots of papers have to be filled in and sent away. Much packing has to be done. Planning. More packing. There are so little time for so many things to do! I am sure we will make it in good time though, at least I really hope so.

Tomorrow, the airplane departures from Kastrup, Denmark, at 16.55 (4.55pm). Both are cars are sold, which means that a taxi will come and pick us up at 12.30, then drive us to Denmark.

The flight will only, hopefully, last for 1 hour and 30 minutes. We will arrive in Finland 19,30, Finnish time. Then another airplane departures at 20.15, 45 minutes later. That flight will be for 6 hours and 40 minutes. And then we will arrive in India, Dehli, 5:20- in the morning. I will most likely spend the hours on the plane sleeping, since we travel over night. Our plan, when getting of the airplane, is to take our luggage (you don’t say?) and pick a taxi, to get driven to the hotel. The day will be spend relaxing, probably by the pool. If we aren’t too tired, we will also go and discover the places around the hotel area.

The numbers of days we will spend in a hotel, isn’t quite sure yet. It all depends when the apartment is done. Hopefully we will receive it around the 10th of August.

I am really looking forward till tomorrow. The hours on the plane will hopefully pass real quick. We are very used to flying, 6 hours +1,5 is nothing compared to trips we have done in the past. A few years back, we used to always celebrate Christmas in Thailand, I have so many great memories from back then! That flight, on the other hand, took around 12 hours.

Another great thing about moving to India is, that it is a country that is placed very central of all the places we want to travel to. For example, flying to the Maldvies from Dehli, will only take 3-4 hours, isn’t that amazingly unbelievable? We have lots of travel to do & places we want to discover, when on holiday and I am not in Zurich. Travelling is the best!

Right now, I am living in a, so called, “packing chaos”… There are things EVERYWHERE. I almost have everything under control and will be done quite soon. Yesterday was spent packing, and sailing the whole afternoon- the same as we did today. This second, I am sitting on the floor, surrounded by extremely many things, while blogging. We are planning on going down to the harbor or to the beach, in the evening, to have picknick with some great food, as the last dinner.

I  cannot wait until tomorrow!  


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