Aaaaand off we go! 

Everything is packed and cleaned. Luggages are closed and the cat is with us, off we go! 

We are, right this second, in a taxi who is driving us to Denmark, to the airport. 

As you can see, we have lots of luggage with us… All the bags are so heavy but luckily, right under the permitted luggage weight. That is the reason why the taxi is so big, we need much space, it is still very comfortable though. 

I set the alarm at seven this morning. Then I did such a hard workout, core, turnout, insides, feet, stretch, arms, and so on. I did it for a bit more than an hour. Then,  we all cleaned the house, and packed the very last things. 

Grandma and grandpa invited us to a very nice lunch. The food was so good and it was great eating with them. After lunch we took a cab 12.30 pm, and we have been in it ever since then. I bet we will hit Kastrup in less than an hour, later, the flight departures 16.55.

We didn’t swim in their pool today, due to the lack of time before the taxi came. That photo is from yesterday. 

I wish for a safe travel, and I will write as soon as I have inernet again. 

Let the adventure begin! I still cannot believe that we are actually moving though. 

Bye for now! 


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