Arrived in India

Right now it is 12.05 am, here in India. The temperature has already hit 30 Celsius and the town is wide awake. 

Our trip started yesterday lunch. Everything is such a mess now, thinking back on the time makes me so confused since there’s a time difference from Sweden, India is 3.5 hours ahead. Anyway, the whole trip and flight could not have gone any easier, smoother or faster. The first 1.5 hour, at the airplane to Helsinki, flew by so fast and all of a sudden, we had arrived in a rainy, clod & grey Finland. There were only 45 minutes between the two flights and we all were worried that the luggages would not make it in time, between both flights. Helsinki airport was no problem at all, we just went off the departured plane and basically, walked straight over to the boarding of the plane to Dehli (not really, but almost).

Boarding the plane was absolutely no problem either, and sooner than we knew, we sat on the plane, on our way to India, Dehli.

That flight took 6 hours and 40 minutes. When we were all safe and up in the air, everyone got served dinner. Airplane food isn’t my favourite, this time we got some chicken. At least the dessert were delicious chocolate, which wasn’t too bad. In the end of the flight, when it was around 1 hour left, they served us breakfast. A mozzarella sandwich and tea. Having a meal at two o’clock, in the night, is not very tasty- in my opinion. The hours between the two meals were mostly spent sleeping. A baby that kept screaming and screaming and screaming, which made it a whole lot more difficult to sleep. Although, I actually slept a bit. I also read, and almost finished my book- which I just started reading at the airplane, and did also watch a bit of Modern Family, on the TV, which swede placed on the seat in from of me.

Arriving to Dehli was a great thing. The smell and the heat hit us, us soon us we got out from the plane. It brought so many flashbacks back.

Dehli airport is very fresh, and although it was lots of people, the visa control went quite fast. There were no intentions, what so ever, to show any of the thousand of papers we had to fill in before, because we brought a cat with us.

Now to the scarying part of the whole blog post, did we receive all the luggage or not…?

… The answer is YES! We did receive all the luggages. I even think it was the first time ever that all the bags arrived only after a very few minutes that we arrived to the baggage drop. Seeing that all the luggages were safely in our hand again, was such a relief. It meant that we actually made to India.

Right outside the luggage drop, two men, from the hotel we are staying at, helped us with all the packing and then drove us to the airport.

Everything about India is overwhelming. The extremely many people. The endless chaos in the traffic. Cars driving wherever they want, people screaming and horning the best they can. The smell. The very warm and hot climate. The buildings, and the mix between the poorest houses only consisting of some papers and towels, compared to the massive apartments and super high, new and modern buildings. 

If you have never been to India. You will not fully understand what I am writing and may think that I am exaggerating A LOT, but you know what, I am not doing that at all. If you are not used to the driving and traffic in India, you will think everyone driving a car, is high on drugs. All of a sudden, cars can turn around and drive right opposite the direction, like what? People are walking however they want, bikes too and the same with the motorbikes, as well as with the richaws. To make the whole thing a lot more difficult, there is Left traffic in India, not right- as it is in Sweden. Good thing we will have a driver…

It took 25 minutes to the hotel. Arriving & getting in to the relaxed, calm and peacefully “indoor hotel- atmosphere” was so appreciated. We directly checked in and went up to our rooms. Contected door is a great thing. After leaving our luggages at the rooms, we went down to have breakfast. I ate some delicious tropical fruit and pancakes. When we were full, and not hungry anymore, we went to our rooms, to sleep a bit. And here we are, 2 hours later. I had a great sleep and it was the hardest thing ever, waking up.

Our plan for today is to stay at the hotel. We will swim in the pool, I will workout at the gym and we all might go for a massage. Afterall, it is my birthday. Sweet 16! Yey! 

Tomorrow we will, at 10 o’clock in the morning, be driven to the area where my family later will move to (staying at the hotel is only temporary) we will be looking at 10 different appartements. I am looking forward to that!

I will upload another post later on, what our experiences when travelling with a cat, were like.

I am super happy to be in India again. I must admit that I really like this country, a lot. Now I will have so much to blog about, stay tuned for that! Do not forget to check my blog a few times a day- there will be lots of new updates.

Our adventure has finally started!


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