Ambience mall 

 Shopping, shopping, shopping… It can never be enough, can it?

We spent our evening at the ‘Ambience mall’. It took 20 minutes to go there. 20 minutes of crazy cars driving everywhere, dogs walking wherever they want and the speed bumps always make everything worse! The drivers don’t really slow down that well, so it’s such bumpy car rides.

Anyway, Ambience mall was incredible! Just like any huge mall in the US! They had every store you could think of. H&M, Zara, Claries, Calvin Klein, Promod, Gap, Sephora, Adidas and so on. I bought the most comfiest and cute set from Juicy Couture. Or, my mom and dad bought it for me, as a late birthday gift because we knew beforehand there would be a juicy store here. Thanks so much! ❤

We had dinner at a Jamie Oliver restaurant, it is always a safe card, and has lots of good food. I started with some mozzarella and tomatoes, then shared a few pizza slices with the others.

Now we are back on the hotel again. We will soon eat our delicious donuts, that we both at Dunkin Donuts- at the mall. Then I’ll do my workout, since I have already swam 20 laps today, I think I will only do 300 sit ups, 50 side lift in plank on each side, 100 Russian twists, 20 back lifts, some turnout exercises and then stretch. After that, the big, cozy hotel bed is waiting for me, to fall asleep on. And I for sure will! We are not jet lagged actually, but walking around the whole day- visiting all the apartments and then in the mall, made me very tired.

I hope you had a great day. Good night! 


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