Apartment viewing 


We just got home from looking at 10 different apartments. These are the coolest apartments I have ever seen! No joke!

The drivers picked us up at 10 o’clock, which I have already mentioned. Then we went to the apartment area.

The area is huge. It consists of 20 different towers, each tower has extremely many apartments, which are all unlike each others. Every tower has a reception and a lobby, where all the elevators are. The area, where all the towers are situated, has common social activity areas, which can be used by all persons who live in the area. There are things such as tennis courts, golf courts, basket ball courts, a jogging trail, a huge swimming pool, squash court etc. There is also a thing called “club house”. The club house is huge, as well. Inside, you can find a spa and beauty salon, great gym, pilates and yoga rooms, card room, bio salon (super cool!), a bakery, restaurants, party room and so on. This place is incredible! I am so jealous of my family who will live with all this, but at the same time very excited to go to Zurich.

We found one outstanding apartment. It was very convenient, big, had a great kitchen, right amount of bed rooms, nice toilets & a real pretty view. It was fresh but also very light. The lower photos above, are on that apartment.
All the ones we visited were huge. One was even 1000 square meters, divided into two floors. The balcony was the largest I had ever seen! It was too big though… Another apartment was actually super cool, not at all in our interest, but still very cool. It had a sort of a dark and mysterious lightening, some parts were made to have a bar and disco furniture. Pretty special, I would say.

We spent almost 5 hours, looking for apartments. We got home 2.30 am and directly had lunch. Now we will relax at our hotel room until 5 o’clock. Then we will go to a huge shopping mall; where we will buy a few things. In the evening I will go to the gym, and do my workout. The weather has been mixed, sometimes a bit rainy and sometimes very sunny, but all the time extremely hot. I am in love with the heat, this weather is perfect!



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