A visit to the CyberHub

Hello guys! 

This day was mainly spent by the pool. The weather was cloudy, but very hot and damp in the air. Even though clouds, with a mix of exhausts, were covering the sky- it was very light outside, you can really feel how much stronger the sun is here in India, than in Sweden.

By the pool, I swam 20 laps and then read a lot. I finished my book and got half way through another one. Reading is the best! We ate a really late lunch, at least late for us, around 3 o’clock. The heat, combined with a bit of jet lag, don’t really make us as hungry, as we usually are, that’s the reason for eating a late lunch. I ate a vegetable noodle soup with some dosa. A dosa is a sort of a healthy remake of a pancake- it mainly consists of chick peas and rice. It may not sound very inviting, but I promise it tastes so good, and looks almost exactly like a pancake!

When we have had lunch, it was too hot to stay outside any longer. The clouds had disappeared a bit, and the blue sky even showed through at some places. Our taxi picked us up at half past five, until then we relaxed a bit on the hotel rooms.

We drove to a big place, called CyberHub, where we had dinner. It is almost like a mall, but with only restaurants, such as Hard Rock café, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, lots of Indian restaurants and so on. The whole place was so fresh and modern. The different sides of India are huge! From looking at sky scrapes, to “houses” only consisting of a very few towels and plates, sheds. It is heartbreaking, seeing all these poorness, but a only a fact that shows how extremely unfair the world is.

We got home around eight. Now it is almost 10 pm, I will read a bit, write a few blog posts and then go to sleep.

Tonight the Shiva festival is starting, at 00am. There are already so much noise, music, decorations going on, outside. The streets are overloaded with people on cars, busses and richaws. Almost all the cars have huge stereos and plays extremely loud, indian music. I wonder how much sleep we will get tonight… I will keep you updated!

Good night!



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