Visit to the immigration office 

Here are just a bunch of random, nice, photos from the day. 

Due to our visit to immigration office, we missed ballet and did only half pointe in the pas de deux class. Then we ate lunch, at the top of Toni Areal- with amazing view & super nice weather. At around oneo’clock, we all went to school. First we had English at one school & then we had general knowledge at another, the day was finished at 6.25. 

I had a great time facetimeing with my best friend, while eating chips and candy, in the evening. Miss her so much! 

I have to go to sleep now, to not be too tired for ballet tomorrow (which I look very much forward to). Good night! 


2nd day done 

And the second day is now done! It feels like I’ve been here for a week though… Everyone are so great & the school feels super. 

This day was a very good one. We started with dance history, then we had classical, pointe & finished with modern. 

We actually finished at 4 pm. So great! It will be different later on though, when rehearsals are coming up, and the schedule is different everyday. 

On our way home, me and three others went in to Migros. I bought some candy (super healthy, I know) and muesli bars, to have as a snack between classes. 

The evening has been spent facetimeing with my wonderful & lovely (&perfect&sweet&amazing&superdupermissed) family. I have been doing a bit of math on my computer & reading & just watching YouTube. Me and some others ate a great dinner outside on the balcony. Switzerland is the prettiest! 

I hope you all had a great day. Tomorrow, me and 9 others will visit the immigration office at 9 o’clock. 

Good night! 

First day of school at taZ, done & dusted!

Soo… Now I have had my first day at the Tanz Akademie Zurich, in Switzerland. 

I woke up at 6 in the morning, by myself actually. I had breakfast around 7 and then we all, in H1 (my class), went together to Toni Areal, where all the studios are, and the dance subjects are hold. The weather today was quite rainy and a little bit colder than yesterday, I was happy about- it because now I really look forward to fall & winter- after being in India’s heat.

Anyways, this day was really good. Good teachers, great classes, nice people, amazing city & so it continues. We only had music theory, classical & modern though. The Pas de deux & pointe class were cancelled, which gave us a 4 hours long break in the middle of the day (we still finished at 6pm). During the break, me and 3 other girls, we went to the ballet shop. Two of them bought a leotard, our simple black school uniform leotard, but I did not buy anything. Actually, one of my black capezio leotards I have is so similar to the uniform, which means that I am in no stress to buy the actual uniform.

This evening I have been face timing with my parents, my family & my best friend. ❤ I have been talking with the others at the boarding house and just overall have had a really fun & great evening.

I am so so tired and will soon go to bed.


Sunday- first night at the boarding house 

Touristing, strolling around the city, drinking Starbucks iced tea, meeting the others, walking, making lunch, making friends & so on. Today I’ve just done a bunch of fun things. 

Saying goodbye to my mom, this morning, was so sad. I already miss her & the others so much. ❤ At least everybody goes through the same thing here. 

I am so excited for ballet and the dance tomorrow. 

Hope you had a great day! 

Best day

Today I had the most cozy, amazing and wonderful day with my mom. We rented a paddle boat in the morning, the weather was just perfect. We ate candy and I even swim a bit! 

As for lunch, we had sushi. Then we went to the hotel and packed my stuff, after that we took a taxi to the boarding house. We spent like 2 hours there, packing up & decorating my room. Then we did a quick visit at manor. 

In the evening we ate a very good dinner with my grandparents. 

Now I’ll soon go to bed, after watching a few episodes of Friends with mom. Love her to the moon and back! ❤ 

Fresh hair, good food & nice shopping

I started out this morning by getting a haircut, to get rid of all the splits ends & damaged parts. Now my hair feels so much more fresh! 

Mom and I have basically been walking all day. Apart from buying the prettiest sunglasses ever (from Quay), we’ve also bought some things for my room, in the boarding house. We fixed the transport ticket, which will last for a year. Yesterday we got me a new SIM card, that’s good and was well needed.l

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we had a meeting with my supervisor/house mom at the boarding house. We did some practical stuff and got shown the whole boarding house. Everything is so pretty, fresh & wonderful! The nature that is surrounding the house is just perfect. I really think (and hope) I will have the greatest time there. 

Tomorrow, in the afternoon, I will go there again and pack up all my things. So exited to do that! 

Mom and I have been eating such great food today. Crêpes, tomato & buffalo mozzarella sallad, sushi, candy & so on. The weather is super hot here, around 35 degrees… 

I did some super great exercises I learnt from my friend & then stretched a bit, in the evening. 

Now, mom and I will eat some more candy and watch a few episodes of Friends. 

Have a great evening! 


This day consisted of strolling the streets in Zurich. Buying a few things, window shopping & overall just looking around. We ate delicious  food and the weather was great. It is almost a bit too hot though. Right now, after India’s heat, I really look forward to fall & Autumn…

We are extremely jet lagged and will probably go to sleep rather soon. Even though it is only 7.30.

Hope you all had a great day!