Cozy day with sick siblings

This day has been a very calm day– there are not many things to do when your siblings are too sick to go outside the hotel room. They are feeling quite well, but still very tired and exhausted. I have finished reading my book, we have been playing cards and watched movies. Me and my little sister Tuva, who is not sick either, went down to the pool for one hour, in the afternoon.

As my siblings didn’t have any energy to be able to go anywhere for lunch, we ordered food by room service. Quite appreciated sometimes. We all ate dosa and lassi- typical indian food. Dosa only consists of rice and lentils- it is a thin leaf pancake. It sounds super disgusting but is actually almost better than normal pancakes, not even containing any sugar! Lassi is a drink, which has a sweet taste of yogurt and milk, usually called sweet punjabi lassi. 

My dad brought some snacks on his way home today, isn’t it just the healthiest ever? It is needed though, the sick family members cannot eat anything but chips, bananas and those light stuff…

Today was the first day of my dad’s new work. He said it was intense & a lot to do, but still very fun and entertaining. Next week the school starts, that my sibling will be attending, AES- American Ambassy School. They will ride the school bus to and from school, that’s nothing they are used to do, so that will be exiting for them.

Some great news are that we will probably be able to move in to our apartment in one week from now! Mom and I will spend a lot of time to decorate it, while the others are in school or working. We sent furniture from our house in Sweden to here, which will arrive in September, but we will still need to buy a few things. Looking forward to that! 



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