Typical sickness when travelling: Delhi Belly

Morning everyone! I feel like I always start with a “good morning”, but I mean, it is always morning when I have been blogging, lately.

This morning was a sick morning. Not for me, but for my oldest little sister, Thea, & for our little brother Filip. They both have the same problem, stomach ache & abdominal cramps. With other words- Delhi belly. 

Delhi Belly: Noun;  “An old-fashioned informal term for the common intestinal infection suffered by travellers unaccustomed to the local bacterial contamination (usually faecal) of food or drink. The condition is by no means confined to the Indian subcontinent.”

This is very common when traveling in Asia. The symptoms are diarrhea or stomach ache, contracted from eating Indian food, sometimes even vomiting- but usually not. Staying in India for a few years, will make us immune, since this doesn’t come from eating some specific bad piece of food. It is, as mentioned, caused by not being used to the indian food culture. I mean, the food itself differs a lot compared to the swedish food.

Due to the sickness, this will be a calm and not so busy day. We probably won’t go outside the hotel, but I think I will spend my afternoon by the swimming pool. I have almost already finished reading my book, which I started yesterday. In a bit, I’ll go down to the gym, to do my workout.

I have lots of ideas for upcoming blog posts. Please don’t hesitate to comment, if you have any specific topics you’d like to read about. Bye for now!


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